School Of Infantry (East)
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    School Of Infantry (East)

    Does anyone know where I can get a list of the items needed for SOI, the list I was given has somehow misteriously disappeared so Ive been looking for it on the net, but have had no luck yet. Thanks.

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    Hmmmm... Didn't learn much did ya???

    Now ya get to pay the piper...

    NEVER EVER put an important paper where you might not find it. Have a briefcase for your orders, etc. and keep any and ALL important papers in it and no where else. THat way it is right where you expect it to be every time.

    I learned that trick when my parents gave me a briefcase for graduation from bootcamp back in 68.

    Oh yeah, I still have that same briefcase and I still put all my current important papers in it, unless they need to be in a safe deposit box...

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