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    High School

    Hi I am in high school and I am a sophmore. I was wondering what classes should I concentrate the most on and what classes should I take. Like there is something called TCTC that offers a Law Enforcement class it teaches you about Law Enforcement. And I also want to become a Combat Arms Officer and was wondering what classes I need to take and whether or not I should go to college before I join or go to college while I am in and try to become an officer then. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    just get good grades in high school. classes dont really matter unless your getting college credits along with the high school credits. If you want to be an officer go to college first. If you enlist first it will take you alot longer to get that degree.

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    well according to everything i have heard, conditioned weight training will be a benefit. but also mechanical shop classes as well, im not 100% sure, but those are the ones im taking.

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    if thats what your looking to do in the Corps. your not going to get any kickback for it though. if you want my advice get into Team sports and JROTC, that will help you at boot or OCS.

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    Ok I play sports and just get good grades. Thats easy, but there are no classes that would help me in any way?

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