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    Hello, 3 months ago I left on the journey to become a United States Marine, and as of November 3rd, 2006 I walked proudly off the Parade Deck on wonderful Parris Island. I have a question on uniforms though, ribbons and devices are worn on the Service Bravos are they not? I feel I should know this but we never put bravos on during boot, but hey we learn something new everyday yes? Thank you for your time.

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    Congratulations Marine!

    You might want to update Your profile now....

    One of the Marines should be able to help You with your question...

    By chance did You know Sgt Cary?

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    Sgt. Carey was a drill instructor for Lead side Delta, I was in Delta CO 1st BN Follow side, I know who he was though.

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    Congratulations Marine here is the scoop on Bravos

    Service Uniform
    Officer Service Uniform. From left to right: "C", Service with all-weather coat, "A", "A", Service with sweater

    Enlisted Service Uniform. From left to right: "C", Service with sweater, "B", "A", "B"

    The service uniform consists of olive green and khaki colors, it is commonly referred to as "greens". It is roughly equivalent in function and composition to a business suit. It is the prescribed uniform when
    • serving on a court-martial
    • making official visits and calls on American and foreign dignitarires, officials, and Military officers.
    • vising the White House, except when in a tourist capacity, or on an occasion where another uniform is specified.
    • reporting for duty onshore
    Like the Blue Dress uniform, the service uniform is authorized for wear while off-duty (on leave or liberty).
    The Service uniforms are designated:
    • Service "A" (or Alpha) is the base uniform. It consists of a green coat, green trousers with khaki web belt, khaki long-sleeve button-up shirt, khaki tie, tie clasp, and black shoes. The coat is cut to be semi-form fitting, with ribbons worn on the left chest of the coat. Females wear a green necktab in place of the tie, pumps instead of shoes, and have the option of wearing a skirt instead of slacks. It is appropriate to remove the jacket while indoors.
    • Service "B" (or Bravo) is identical to the "A" except the coat is removed. Ribbons may be worn on the shirt.
    • Service "C" (or Charlie) is identical to "B" except with a short-sleeve button-up shirt and no tie.
    There are three types of authorized headwear for the service uniform. Both males and females may wear the green soft garrison cap, sometimes nicknamed "**** cutter". There is the option of wearing a hard-framed service cap(called a Barracks Cover), the design of which which differs between females and males. As on the Blue Dress uniform, officers wear rank insignia on the shoulder straps of their jackets and the collars of their shirts, while enlisted personnel wear rank insignia on their sleeves.
    A crewneck sweater may be worn with the "B" and "C" uniforms, in which case enlisted personnel are required to wear rank insignia on their shoulders.

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    First - congrats on earning the title!

    If memory serves ribbons and badges are optional with service bravos - which means that you would follow the direction of the command's uniform of the day, which would specify if ribbons and badges are to be worn. If you are planning on wearing a uniform while on leave, I do not think that service bravos are authorized - but I may be wrong. Honestly, I never wore bravos, only alphas and charlies.

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    If you are not wearing the alpha coat, it is best to just wear the ribbons. Do not worry about shooting badges. It is up to the command, but when in doubt, whip it out.

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    Congratulations Marine and welcome back home! I have requested that your status be upgraded to Marine. Enjoy your leave you earned it.

    Semper Fi


    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoonToServe
    Sgt. Carey was a drill instructor for Lead side Delta, I was in Delta CO 1st BN Follow side, I know who he was though.
    Yes he was...

    I was with Sgt Cary this weekend for his brother's wedding..


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    Thank you all for the help, I'm looking in the red monster given to me at bootcamp, and for Bravos it says The Long sleeve Khaki shirt with khaki tie and green service trousers is designated as the service "B" uniform. The service "B" uniform can be worn during parades, ceremonies, and uniform of the day or for leave or liberty.

    So I think i'm okay with wearing it while on leave, right now it's pretty cold. But the monster does'nt say about ribbons/devices on the shirt, but under ribbons it say's Marines will wear all ribbons to which they are entitled on the service uniforms so if i put two and two together that means ribbons on the bravos, and then it says under badges "wearing marksmanship badges is at the option of the individual." So while on leave i can wear it i guess. I'm getting i believe.

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    Congratulations MARINE! Wear that uniform proud. You earned it.

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