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    Exclamation Question about USMC

    excuse me for my english I come from to Belgium and I have 23 years hold I like the US MARINES CORPS a very long time

    I tested 5 years ago to see whether there would be possibility of me engaged has the USMC but one my answered one needed American nationality and I there is a Belgian already in the USMC but I really like go are qu it am possible of me help PLEASE ?

    very excus for my english


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    To join any US military service as an enlisted person, you have to be at least a legal resident of the United States. For the Marines, you would also need at least the educational equivalent of a US high school diploma. If you want to be an officer, you would have to be a US citizen and have at least a bachelors degree (or foreign equivilent).

    Plus, the better your grasp on both spoken and written English the easier Marine life will be as English is the "official" language of the USMC. You want to understand English spoken loudly and rapidly.

    There is no specific quota for any nationality in the Marines. If you qualify, you can be in. Where you originally come from is not an issue.

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    Its not posible for me ?

    thanks Zulu 36

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    I present me more... I make reenactment of the WWII for the 101st Airborne ""for Bastogne in Belgium""
    I like the USA
    I collection the Made in USA lol

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    Thank You for keeping history alive so that none will forget..Its nice to know someone still likes us

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    Nobody said it wasnt possible for you, like any Marine, you have to earn the title. It's flattering that you admire the Marines and our history, but think about what it is that we do on a daily basis, and then think pensively about joining. The only person who can hold you back is yourself. If you wish to join, I wish you the best. I have seen Marines come from all over the world, who have made a fine career out of it. But even they, had to work and fight for it.

    Sgt P

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