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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Edwards View Post
    Was in Dong Ha 67/68, looking for anyone that was there from Jan 67 to Feb 68. Was there when ammo dump went up 67.
    I was there and at Quang Tri hiding in the radio bunker.

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    Hi Alan just missed ya!
    69 flsg bravo. Bunker 5.sweeps and sun burn for 4 months.
    Thank for your service brother.!!

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    I was at Dong Ha in the Comm Plt, 2511. Spent several months at LZ Stud when it was blown up. I was at Dong Ha when the ammo dump and POL went up. I remember going to the ammo dump with a major in an Amtrack getting our marines off the perimeter. I sure don't recall many names but I do remember we had a Gunny or !St. Sgt. who had red hair who would never leave the comm bunker.

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    I was separated from !/27 and sent to Da nang FLC. Spent about a day there when they sent me to Dong Ha. Ckeck my Facebook account out and you will see a photo from Dong Ha. I left in Nov 68. After that Embassy Duty in Paris and DI Duty in San Diego. Then 28 years with the LAPD. I also served for 16 years in the calif. Air Natioal Guard at March AFB, Security Unit, 160Th TFG.

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