Plt 1093 MCRD San Diego
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    Plt 1093 MCRD San Diego

    Looking for anyone in Plt. 1093, MCRD San Diego.

    Michael Ray
    Houston, TX

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    The year would help....

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    Plt. 1093 at MCRD San Diego started around May 25, 1969.

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    What where your DI's names?

    I was wondering if you may of had the same DI's as I had. I was in 1089 in 1970. Semper Fi

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    I have been looking for someone around that time frame stationed there but I do not know a platoon number so I am just going to throw a name out and if it looks familiar please reply....Thanks

    Marty Collins

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    MNRAY, I was in honor platoon 1093 join date 5-25-69. Was that your platoon? Do you know where I can find the graduation book?

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