Questions about 6162-Presidential Support and 8152 MCSF
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    Questions about 6162-Presidential Support and 8152 MCSF

    Hey, my name is Dan and I've been snopping around the forums and I have learned a lot. I have a few questions about the Presidential Support and the Marine Corps Security Force (MCSF).

    I'm very interested in these two mos's. Can you guys tell me any information like the qualifications, their jobs and duties, is it hard to get, just any information about them.

    Thanks a lot.


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    MOS 6162, Presidential Support Specialist

    . Presidential support specialists perform duties incident to the mission of the executive flight detachment of HMX-1. This MOS will be assigned as a skill designator MOS only.

    (1) Skill qualified in a primary MOS from any of the following OccFlds: 25, Operational Communications; 58, Military Police and Corrections; 60/61, Aircraft Maintenance; 63/64, Avionics; 65, Aviation Ordnance; 66, Aviation Supply; or 70, Airfield Services.
    (2) Possess a top secret clearance.
    (3) Possess a Yankee White (YW) access. (Note: "Yankee White" is a special clearance for Presidential Access).
    (4) Satisfactory performance of the below-listed duties for the initial 6 months of assignment to the HMX-1 executive flight detachment.
    (1) MGySgt to LCpl:
    (a) Maintains, distributes, repairs, inspects, tests, crews, and provides security for HMX-1 executive flight detachment helicopter airframes and components.
    (b) Performs duties relating to the HMX-1 presidential support mission.


    MOS 8154, Marine Corps Security Force (MCSF) Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Team Member

    Summary. The MCSF CQB team member will be assigned to duty with MCSF Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams (FAST) Companies. As a part of a CQB team and utilizing CQB techniques, the team member will be required to restore security to prevent access, damage, or removal of vital naval assets. The CQB team member will be physically and mentally capable of enduring the rigors of combat, be knowledgeable in the safe and proper employment of CQB weapons, be skilled in land navigation and patrolling, be well versed in interior guard procedures, and be familiar with antiterrorist tactics and techniques. He also will be required to conduct offensive infantry tactics in confined spaces, ashore and afloat, to restore security when breached.
    (1) Must meet the prerequisites prescribed in MCO 1300.20, 5510.7, MCO 5521.3, and MCO 6100.3.
    (2) Complete the Marine Corps Security Force Guard Course.
    (3) Complete the Marine Corps Security Force Battalion Close Quarters Battle Course.
    (4) To be used as a billet designator in Marine Corps Security Force T/O's.
    Duties. For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to MCO 1510.59, Individual Training Standards.
    Related DOT Classification/DOT Code. No civilian equivalent.

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    Im looking in to the same fields. But Isnt MCSF (prp) same thing as 6162?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jm4magic
    Im looking in to the same fields. But Isnt MCSF (prp) same thing as 6162?
    Not even close to be the same thing!!

    The 6162 MOS seems to be for Marines that are in HMX-1. HMX-1 is a Marine helicopter squadron that has a few special missions. Its most visible mission is to maintain the Presidential helicopters and to crew those same helicopters. They also do some testing of systems/components for some of the Marine aircraft. For example, when I was in Yuma for WTI , there was an HMX-1 CH-46E that had a totally different (and new) component for changing engine fuel flow. By the way, you'll see that the HMX-1 helicopters are painted differently depending on what "side of the house" they are on. The ones that are green on the bottom and white on top are the VIP ones. The ones that are all green are support aircraft.

    The Marines in HMX-1 all require security clearances and background checks due to their assignment in a unit that flies the President and other high ranking government officials. So for the most part the 6162 MOS is an aviation MOS (like 6112 = CH-46 mech; 6172 = crew chief). I was actually interviewed by the NIS or the FBI about a guy in my squadron that was applying.

    The other guys you asked about......they seem to come from the infantry or military police or some other combat arms MOS. I cannot say for sure, but from the description it seems like the Marines in Marine Detachments (MARDETs) on ships have that MOS. They are in charge of security for the ship's nuclear reactor (if so equipped) or nuclear weapons. They are also involved in the security of high ranking officers like the Admirals in charge of fleets. I was on an amphib for a little while and the MARDET provided security for the Admiral that made that ship the seat of his command.

    Of course, Marines also provide security for other important Naval and DOD installations/buildings so this MOS could be that too.

    So there is a HUGE difference between these MOSes.

    Also, I urge everyone to make sure they know the difference between MOSes that you can get into out of boot camp and those that you essentially have to apply to get into. These are two MOSes like that. Chances are, you WILL NOT get into them since they can be pretty competitive. I also see a bunch of young guys who tell me their MOS is going to be sniper. Not gonna happen unless you are good and a little lucky.

    So please.......go into it knowing that you might not get what you want. And make sure that you are OK with it if luck doesn't come your way. It could make your stay a little more pleasant.

    Semper Fi.

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    Okay, an 8152 is a Marine Corps Security Forces Guard, they can be stationed either stateside or abroad. It's an additional MOS or special assignment. If you're a boot, you have to be an 03 to be in MCSF. If your not a boot (2nd enlistment contract), you can be any MOS to get in MCSF's, a grunt, a cook, or a candle maker. Stateside MCSF Marines are at PRP commands, Kings Bay Georgia, for instance. Technically, they're working for the Navy guarding nuclear assets and stuff like that. Overseas, they're guarding Naval building's and other assets like that. Once you've graduated bootcamp, MCT, SOI, you can go to the basic MCSF school at Chesapeake, VA. From there, you can be assigned to FAST (Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Teams,) or a PRP command, or a MCSF command overseas. Keep in mind, if you can't shoot well to begin with, or can't get a high PFT, don't bother with trying to go to FAST, you won't make it, get in shape and listen to your PMI's (Marksmanship Instructor's) at bootcamp. The MarDet's on ship don't exist anymore, they pulled all the Marines off ship duty many, many years ago, before I got out in 99. Then, if you want, and are chosen/selected, and your with FAST or any MCSF unit, you can go back to Chesapeake and go to CQB school (8154)

    I was in Instructor at the Basic Security Forces School, and I also taught at CQB before I got out so if you want answers just ask. **I got out in 99 but I'm sure the process is still basically the same.

    And, none of what I just explained to you has anything to do with MX1 or mos 6162. That's not a MCSF duty, it's MSG duty. Good luck, hope I helped.

    Semper Fi Marines
    Sgt V

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    my mos is 6112 ch46 helicopter mechanic and im currently with hmx-1....feel free to ask questions, i will help u if i can.

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    I would just like to correct one small thing. IN the post Kildairs made a few months ago. In the requirements for 6162 it says that one of the occfields that will qualify you for the 6162 designator is the 25 field. That is no longer a field, it is now the 06XX field. (My MOSes were 2531/2532 and changed to 0621/0622)

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    dont do it man, all the guys I know from 8th an I say they hated it. Got a buddy who just got into presidential security, says all they have him doing are guarding parking lots just go in as a grunt (and not a 41 or a 52 thouse guys are gay)

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    Eh...I already sworn in, and signed for that job... I got told out of boot I can just stick to standard grunt if I want.... My other choice was going to be artillery forward observer guy...

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    Damn i picked presidential security force

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    I am an 0311 with the BMOS of 8152PSD. I have been actively serving in the security forces presidential support program since i got to MBW in march of 07 and I am serving in it until May of 2010 when I will join back into the FMF for the final 13 months of my contract. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will answer them the best I can. (taking in, of course, the OPSEC of my current location)

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