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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt Leprechaun View Post
    I had a reply done but the retarded system at work dumped it. Starting over...

    There is no badge in the works, or in the system, for participation in Team Spirit of any year. What you rate is the Korean Defense Service Medal:

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    Korea Defense Service Medal
    Korea Defense Service MedalAwarded by United States Department of DefenseTypeService medalEligibilityJuly 28, 1954presentAwarded forservice in support of the defense of the Republic of Korea.StatusCurrentStatisticsEstablishedPub.L. 107-314, 116 Stat. 2458, 10 USC 3756, 6258 & 8756, enacted December 2, 2002PrecedenceNext (higher)Global War on Terrorism Service MedalNext (lower)Armed Forces Service MedalRelatedKorean Service Medal Korean War Service Medal
    United Nations Service Medal

    ribbonThe Korea Defense Service Medal is a United States military award that was first created in 2002 when it was signed into law by President George W. Bush. The bill to create the proposal was introduced and championed by Rep. Elton Gallegly and Sen. Ben "Night Horse" Campbell. In 2004, the Institute of Heraldry approved the final design and the medal became authorized for distribution.[1]
    The Korea Defense Service Medal (KDSM)[2] is authorized for those members of the U.S. military who have served duty in the Republic of Korea after the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement in support of the defense of the Republic of Korea. To qualify for the KDSM, a service member must have served at least thirty consecutive days in the Korean theater. The medal is also granted for 60 non-consecutive days of service which includes reservists on annual training in Korea.
    Exceptions are made for the 30/60 days time requirement if a service member participated in a combat armed engagement, was wounded or injured in the line of duty requiring medical evacuation, or participated as a regularly assigned aircrew member in flying sorties which totaled more than 30 days of duty in Korean airspace. In such cases, the KDSM is authorized regardless of time served in theater.
    The Korea Defense Service Medal is retroactive to the end of the Korean War and is granted to any service performed after July 28, 1954. The National Personnel Records Center is responsible for verifying entitlement of the KDSM to discharged members of the military who served in Korea prior to the creation of the KDSM.
    As an official Department of Defense exception to policy, service members may be entitled to both the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, and the KDSM for participation in operations in Korea during the same timeframe between October 1, 1966 - June 30, 1974.
    Only one award of the Korea Defense Service Medal is authorized, regardless of the amount of time served in the Korean theater.


    What you'll need to do is submit a request to correct your DD-214, to show that you rate the award of the above medal. This is where your documentation will come into play.

    I would contact these folks directly, they can probably walk you through which directorate/department at HQMC (or NPRC) you need to go to:

    Any former Marines who are released prior to 1999 wanting copies of their service records or DD Form 214 or any other service record documents must write to the following address:

    Navy Personnel Command Pers-312D2
    Room 5409
    9700 Page Avenue
    St. Louis, MO 63132
    Tele: 314-592-1150, 4009, 4085, or 4086

    You may just have to submit a simple form to get it corrected. But the above is where I"d start. By all means, keep us updated on the process.
    I have a guy that is in NYC who was there with me but he is going through life's many problems and he has not come through for me, another guy was on the 25th web site and then fell of the face of the earth a few years ago, my mistake has been the wording and not to many people that are Vet Reps even know of this, I thought is was a fluke when i heard, but I have learned a lot from this blog alone , I knew much less of the Medal and how it was signed in by the white collars to award the people that was there, I will follow your lead and keep you posted as to what happens.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours

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    And a Merry Christmas back to you, good sir.

    (*I did Team Spirit 87, wife did one in 88, both at Yechon...so we've chewed some of the same dirt ).

    Ebay is a good place to pick up 'Team spirit' related stuff too, just FYI. (For 'oohrah' purposes if nothing else)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt Leprechaun View Post
    And a Merry Christmas back to you, good sir.

    (*I did Team Spirit 87, wife did one in 88, both at Yechon...so we've chewed some of the same dirt ).

    Ebay is a good place to pick up 'Team spirit' related stuff too, just FYI. (For 'oohrah' purposes if nothing else)

    Got it and I will check it out, I just got a e mail from another 25th INf soldier that will be visiting the Leather neck site and had no idea of the medal so maybe this will help more than just me, thanks for helping and God Bless

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    I had no idea there was a medal for serving in Korea. When I was with MWSG-17, we went to Team Spirit 85. Im not interested in the medal, just think its intesting that theres now one for serving with the ROK Marines, and training with them. I was up near the DMZ , as a Heavy Equipment Operator we were helping to rebuild roads and such. I was there from Sept - Nov 85

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    1990 with 1st MAW FMFPac
    Coldest ever been in my life! Slept in GP tents with sleeping bags. For fire safety reasons, had to turn the kerosene heaters off at sundown. Kept plastic bottle inside our sleeping bag so wouldn't have to go outside to pee! ROK Marines would run by our tents early in the morning before we even had reveille...those bastards are hardcore!! Tried real kimche out in the ville but didn't care that much for it. Case of MRE's could get you a happy ending Don't think we were there for 30 days to rate the medal.

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    Thumbs up

    hey TOP, i agree those ROK Marines are something else. I loved Kimchee, and I got lucky, theres a Oriental store here locally that has it, my wife hates the smell, but damn its good,lol. I liked it a heck of alot better than that crap yakesoba. SEMPER FI MARINES

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    Team Spirit

    I believe the question for those who did Team Spirit is the 30 day requirement for the KDSM. That medal itself fits the eligibility for membership into the VFW. I did Team Spirit 1984 on Westpac with 1st Tanks. I'm positive we did 30 days in the field for TS but actually stayed in and around Korea for approx 2 months. How can we get copies of the orders?

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    I was in Pohang ,CSSD-33/ BSSG-9 bulkfuel co. I was on the ROK airfield both times, TEAM SPIRIT 84 -FREDOM BANNER 84 I guess this would count? Jan-84 /June 84

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    Cool Team Spirit 78

    I was in 3rd Recon Deep plt Company B 3rd Mar Div. We went to Team Sprit in March 1978. We scuba inserted and froze our @##&% off!I've been trying to find documentation for the dates for a year to solicit an official DD214 change to add the Korean Defense medal. Any help would be appreciated, But I know we were there 45 -60 days. Oh by the way, someone posted about them prohibiting kerosene heaters in the GP tents. Well we burned our GP tent to the ground when a LT tried to fill his lit! There were several of us on fire and I can prove I was in Korea during the 1978 Team spirit due to a statement in my official USMC medical records that my record was burned in that fire as part of Team Spirit. Hence I just need to official dates from a trusted source and I can ask for the medal.By the way I agree with others, the ROK Marines rock! Semper Fi

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    You will have to complete the Standard Form 180 and submit it to:

    National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)
    Military Personnel Records
    1 Archives Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63138-1002

    Back when I got mine around 2002, there was a self-certification form we had to fill out. I was with 3/4 during Team Spirit in 1978 which is documented in my SRB.

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    Glad to see so many others who spent time in that cold ass place,lol. I wrote to NPR to get my orders, to prove TAD for the KDSM, haven't heard back. Does anyone else know an easier way to prove TAD or get the Cert to back up the Medal???

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    TAD in excess of 30 days should be on your SRB Page 3.

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    im sure it would be if I had my SRB. but like most of my records, they were disrespected by my x wife,lol. still waitin for NPR

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    Went to Pohan, TS 89. Shipped up there with the MV BUTTON of the MPF. Right off the pier, TENT CITY right there. When we left, like three days heading south in the Pacific, ocean started turning blue again and finally back to SUNNY GUAM!!

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    Was there for Team Spirit 78.. On top of a mountain outside Pohang next to a ROC Marine outpost..I was with MACS-4 out of Okinowa.. May have to look into this.. After being out so long, would be interesting to add to the DD214.. Could be the only thing that can be read on it..

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