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    Too bad they don't give medals to civilians in Korea that provided contractual services while in employment of military contracts. Or anywhere else for that matter, at least something that parallels military DOD medals. I know DOD gives out medals to DOD FEDERAL civilian employees. (Civilian medals) Same goes for like working in combat zones such as OIF or Persian Gulf War.
    Thing is, they probably don't issue to civilian contractors because career advancements are not based on medals such as in government service or military. Just be nice to have gotten something for every place I went to (regarding military exercises I went to for instance.) I would have one for Team Spirit 89 Korea, Honduras AH-1990, Persian Gulf War. Would be nice to have commemorative somethings for crossing Suez Canal, Panama Canal, and others.

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    I was there as part of the 1978 Team Spirit with 3rd Recon 3rd MAR Div. It shows in my SRB as " 780216 to 780422 ASG TAD TO HQSVCCO 3RDBN 9THMAR 3RDMARDIV FMF FPO SFRAN 96602 RUC 13231 MCC 124 AS RECON MAN (0321) (2)". I also have an entry in my service medical file stating that the records were burned in a fire during the "Team Spirit 1978" as our GP med tent was leveled by a heater fire one night. I believe this shows over 2 months in Korea which is what we did but getting the admins at historical records to recognize it , well that's another thing. I wear the Korean Defense Service Medal and they can KMA is they want to argue as it is retro to the Korean War. Anyone able to decipher the whole entry for me? Would be appreciated.

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    If you search on Team Spirit, you'll see the exercises started in 1977 to disuade N. Korean aggression after they shot some Army troops in the DMV for cutting down a tree and we found tunnels that could pass a division an hour under the DMV.

    The first three were the most aggressive involving every branch of ours and the South Korean military. In Feb it was bitter cold and snow and was hot and dry when we left in April. The country was an armed camp and the ROK Marines were great to work with and tough.

    The history I read says the North gets all bend out of shape saying were going to invade so it's been call off most of the 90's and the North still used it as an excuse to lead the nuclear talks.

    We tested the M4 prototypes for the Marine Corp at a Korean military range. The US was only issuing 20 inch a1 models then. We also got to do static jumps with them. Have some great memories of Korea and it's people. Went back as a businessman 10 years ago and the people were a lot less friendly towards Americans then they were in 78 when the North was threatening to come down again. It was also the coldest scuba insertion in my life. Our regulator actually started to freeze up! Double wetsuits required and your face felt like it would fall off. Running in sweat gear would freeze your private parts so bad we had to use a sock and plastic to protect the boys! Any body else remember that?

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    I started this post in '02, funny thing happened to me on the way home from work the next night, my pickup was totaled by some blond who thought the turn signal was a go ahead to speed through the light and smash into me head on. Her words, "I thought he would have stopped turning for me." Meanwhile, I have had a couple of surgeries and am about to some more unrelated ones and completely forgot about this until I was doing some research on a YouTube video I am going to post soon. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPO...E_Nn2UmCMrAq3w
    Now that I have had my question answered, THANK YOU ALL, very much. I could not have done it without the help of my brothers and I hope it helped some others as well. I will attempt to stay more closely involved here in hopes to help others with other things too.
    By the way, if anyone is looking for a great sight to get reconnected to some old service friends, email me (deswiger@yahoo.com) and I will get you a free invite.

    [i hope this is ok to do, i get no monetary compensation for this, if not, i will cancel it asap] Semper Fi

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