War On Terrorism
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    War On Terrorism

    Although it has not been mentioned yet..I serve some of the wounded from this new WAR....

    For the veterans at Walter Reed...Welcome Home

    And those in Germany on their way.


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    A Message to CAS

    God Bless You CAS;

    We're proud that your there with your Love, Caring and Expertise.

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    I want to Thank Mr Cobb for sending us this beautiful site..........

    Semper Fi,



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    Terrorism update

    Just to let everyone know, even though I cannot say anything about it, but our fight and anti- terrorism part is going well. We are learning so much and acomplishing so many objectives everyday. I see it and hear it. maybe not today maybe not tomarrow or even anytime soon but We will Prevail!

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    Thumbs up WELL DONE!

    cas, give all the guys coming back that you see a WELL DONE! and one for yourself! glad and thankfull we have people of your caliber in the positions ya'll hold! once again WELL DONE!! rick

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