Marine Corps security Forces (PRP)
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    Marine Corps security Forces (PRP)

    Can someone please tell me what a member of the Marine Corps security Forces does? Preferably somebody who has this MOS or knows somebody with this MOS please give me a real world explanation or at least an example of the kind of stuff they do. I know it’s a minimum of 5 years enlistment and it’s under Infantry Is the job fun? Is it boring? Do you travel a lot? Do you guard the President at all? Is the school hard? Come on guys tell me something ...........Anything!!!!!>>

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    jm4magic, did you try and do any research first before asking this question? Did you try the USMC sites and look up mos's? Have you googled it? Have you researched past threads?

    You know the rules here, research first then ask...

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    yes I have researched this topic before, its not that easy to find information on this specific MOS, I understand its a tsc (top secret clearance) job.
    so please if any one has any information please let me know

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    I am in Security Forces. THeres no easy way of saying this but its not at all exciting. IT IS NOT MARINE CORPS SWAT!!!! Everyone in my Class at school was told that by there recruiter. The instructors laughed at us. Thats all im gonna say.

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    Maybe the recruiter was talking about something else. FAST for example---- or just being a recruiter and getting people to sign up. It is their job.

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