Joining the Marines
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    Joining the Marines

    Hello my name is Kern Sandoval, I am really interested in joining the Corps but there are some issues I do need to get clear.
    1. On probation My recruter said that after I complete it then I can enlist is this true? It was a Fellony it happend this year but I'm 17
    2. I have a baby boy after graduation do I live off base or too bad for him?
    3. Infantry....? I'm thinking thats for me but what do you think for those who are in Infantry?
    4. Im in the midwest of the United States but born in Northern California where would I placed for camp?
    5. What is the best way to graduate in Blues with out paying for them/ whats the best way to become squad leader and what are some challenges to become squad leader.
    6. what is the difference from living on base then living off base/ how would you be eligeable to live off base?
    7. What is a good job that you have in the Marines? after graduation

    If anyone has answers to my question that would be great. I'm fully aware of what I'm in for and the challenges that I will encounter. Thanks alot everybody God bless
    Kern Sandoval

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    1. Felony is an automatic disqual, but you're a minor, so maybe there is a waiver. Turn 18, keep your nose clean, and hope for the best.
    2. If you have custody of your son, or are married, you rate base housing once you are in the fleet.
    3. Infantry, best job in the Marine Corps.
    4. If you live west of the Mississippi River, you go to San Diego. East is Parris Island.
    5. Only way to graduate in blues is you graduate as the guide for your platoon. Only one per platoon. Best way to become squad leader -- you gotta want it. Be the best. The challenge is just staying as squad leader. Someone else always wants you job and thinks they can do it better.
    6. See if you even rate base housing or BAH, then worry about this later.
    7. Best job to have if you want to make the Marines a career: Infantry
    If not, go Air Traffic Control. Those guys make 6 figures in the civilian sector.
    8. Before you worry about all of these, just worry about earning the title first. Good luck

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