When should I call a recruiter?
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    When should I call a recruiter?

    Well, I'm 16 years old and a junior in highschool. Should I call a recruiter now or should I wait until I'm 17? The reason I ask is because I've heard that they won't talk to you until you are at least seventeen, is this true? All answers are appreciated, thanks.

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    I started talking to my recruiter when i was 16. I got my ASVAB out of the way and all that stuff so that as soon as i turned 17 i went into the DEP. how long until you turn 17?

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    ^^^^ I meant to say I turn 17 on March 5th, sorry.

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    SamJohnston, ya oopsied, eh. Well at least you are human, I guess.

    Anyway I see no reason not to talk to a recruiter anytime you want to. If the recruiter can't help you she/he will certainly let you know and then tell you when to come back and have a chat.

    Good luck...

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    Sam my youngest brother started going to poolee meetings with my younger brother when he was 16. If you have a recruiter that will allow it go for it. He learned a lot and increased his pft enormously since starting. He is in the Dep now at 18 and I believe has a leg up on the other poolees by dedicating those two years. Good luck give it a shot. Bige1371

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