I realize this is a very old thread like me. I was an 0351 from 1964 - 1968. If were in HQ company you had 106's and Flames 80 M M mortars . if you were in a 03xx company Weapons Plt. had 0331 M60 Machine guns 0341 Mortars 60 M M then there was 0351 we carried 3.5 inch rocket launchers. each round weighed 9 lbs. If you were the ammo humper you carried an M14 all your own gear plus 4 rocket rounds. The assistant gunner only carried 3 and loaded the rocket launcher. The gunner carried a .45 1911A1 and the 3.5 inch launcher. In Vietnam what squad you were in weapons plt. that was the platoon you were assigned to in combat.