4th marine div saipan
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    4th marine div saipan

    I am looking for help in finding anyone that served with my uncle during WWII--He was in the 4th MarDiv on Saipan--he was both an automatic firleman and flamethrower operator. He was badly wounded on the Island and was sent back to the states as a result of his injuries--His name was Clyde H. Joyce but we alll knew him as Bud--He was a cpl. This man was practically my father while I grew up and my father was overseas. He was the main reason I went in the Corps myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated--thanks--Semper Fi

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    I was a Medevac Corpsman and flew with Mag-16 all of 1970. My rate at the time was HM1 C.O. Walker (Pete). I flew around 240 missions. Crashed once near Hill 55 and again later evading enemy fire up on Charlie Ridge someplace. I haven't talked with any Medevac corpsmen or Mag-16 Marines since I left Nam in December 1970. I ran across your thread today on the internet and just thought that I would say hello.
    Semper Fi! e-mail address:tunerpete@netscape.com

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