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    Waiver Question

    Hi, my name is Steve. I have been trying to enter with the Marines for a year. Started with the Navy, but then decided to go Marine. My question is I had disk surgery about 8 months ago without any complications. I am back to perfect health, doing 67 pushups in 50 seconds, on two swim teams, really good runner. After my recruiter told me I was fine, he ups and leave. Sending me to a recruiter an hour away from where I live. Thinking everything was good to go and getting me set up with the basics I get a call telling that I am TEMPORARILY DISQUALIFIED and they need to set up a waiver. I said alright, but a few days later I give them a call and said that the waiver failed and they have to send it to someone in the Marines to make it look good. So I get really nervous. This is my dream, nothing else. What would happen if that waiver is failed? Is there anymore options for me to enlist still. I tell you my neurologist cleared me 100% no limitations no nothing. I do not have any bolts or pins within my neck. There is nothing else wrong just that simple problem which is fixed. WHAT CAN I DO??

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    You need to go back to your neurologist and have him fill out a statment that tell what he done and also statting that you have no limitation and you are as good if not better than before the accident or how ever you got hurt.
    Best of Luck

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    The SSGT is 100% correct. Your doctor's statements can go a long ways toward getting the waiver done.

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    two days is very quick for a waiver to be rejected. I would talk to another recruiter or go up the chain of command. Chances are your recruiter is very busy and your waiver was never looked at.

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    Do not take no for an answer. The next time you get a negative answer ask that person who you can go to next. Do that to the next one and the next one and so forth. That will show all that you contact that you are serious. Good luck.


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    having been on recruiting duty for a week now i have to revise my last answer. The waiver was probably rejected at the RS level.

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    Give Me A Break

    I Getting Realy Sick Of Hearing These Lame Reason For Enlistment Delays.tell Your Recruiter Thanks Anyway But You Also Want To See What The Army Has To Offer,then Go Have A Coffee At Thier Station .worked For Me.

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    Do not take no for an answer. They told me no five times. 3.5 years later, I'm into my 3rd year as an enlisted Marine and on my way to a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant, having just come back from Quantico.

    One particular day up there over this past summer for OCS, we were out on a reaction course. After I briefed my order and worked the problem, the Captain evaluating my team says to me "I'm not out here to stroke you, but that was the best damn order I've heard all day. What's your background?"

    Told him about the rejections, the NROTC scholarship lost on the medboards, and everything that'd happened since.

    His reply: "Well, I guess you told them to shove it up their a$$"

    One of the best moments of my career.

    Never ever ever quit on these recruiters. Find a good one who's willing to do the paperwork, have evaluations and medical records ready and organized, and go after this like it's your mission.

    EVERYTHING IS WAIVERABLE EXCEPT DEATH- it's just a matter of finding a workaround.

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