Waikele Marine Barracks
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    Waikele Marine Barracks

    can any one tell me what division,company,or what branch of the Marines that this belongs to? Waikele Marine Barracks?

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    waikele Marine Barracks.

    Waikele was the Naval mmunition depot on the island of Oahu Hawaii. Located just outside the town of Waipahu... Sadly it was closed in about 1990 or 1999 Im not sure which .. It was a highly secure installation operated by the Navy and guarded by Marines. Actually It was not with any Marine organization such as the first marine division, it was just known as guard detachment NAD Waikele, Other parts were the headquarters at lualualay(sp) and west loch Pearl Harbor. Simper Fi.

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    It was atached to the 1st. FmF CincPac.

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    The parent command, if you will, was Marine Barracks Pearl Harbor. It was already shut down when I went to barracks duty in 89.

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    Sgt. G.R. Grant

    When I was there, in 1964 it was !st fleet marine force cincpac, and was commanded by Lt. General Wallace M.Crulack jr.

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    I was there in 1958-60 Waikele was not attached to any cinpac or Pearl Harbor The three branches of USNAD were independent of anythig else. Waikele, Lulualay and West Loch.

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    further the commanding officer of MCRD San Diego was General Krulak... the father of the Krulak you mention in 1958 he was a kid . I used to wave him through the gate at MCRD after I left Waikele. commanding officer at NAD was Col ritser and later anothe Col. before that Mcall Pate late commandant of the corps.. Simper Fi

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    I was at Waikele from 63-65. Capt. Horner and Gunny Allison were there then. We have had 3 Waikele reunions in the past 5 years. 2 in SD, and 1 in Branson, Mo.

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    Hello fellow Devil Dogs, I was at West Loch/Waikele from 82-85. Im looking for all Marines from our units for our annual reunion in vegas. You can contact me on facebook(Scott Neideffer) or by email: neido43@yahoo.com and I can get you more info on our reunion association Semper Fi

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