Well, the "Murtha" thread has been locked into it's tomb where it will forever remain. I will miss the thread as I learned from it that our ideas are varied even though we were all Marines. Many had an interest with over 100 posts and over 1500 views.

I found that the "right", the "center" and the "left" all found a way to express their ideas with little reguard to the original context of the thread. That made it dynamic in form!

I also found that coming from the "right", I would rather debate someone from the "left" then discuss a topic with someone from the "center". The person from the "center" seems to look down a narrow tunnel with a fear to step to either side. For those, PC seems to be acceptable. Those on the "left" however attack with a passion for their cause as does the "right".

In time, we will all meet again on another thread. Its original context will give way to a passionate exchange by the "right" and the "left". The "center" will be there to nerviously read and to consider a safe place to hide somewhere in the middle.