The MOS gods have spoken
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    The MOS gods have spoken

    I have seen a lot of questions about MOS selection. I will attempt to clarify exactly how a job is matched to a Marine. Some speculate that there is a computer program that takes all pertinent data in to prospective such as test scores, level of education, requested jobs, school seat availability and any number of other interesting biographical and statistical data in to consideration prior to assigning a marine a job.

    The fact is that deep under the pentagon there is a room with a huge dartboard where two drunk sailors carefully take each marines name and attaches it to a dart then with great care and consideration hand the dart with a marines name on it to an escaped one-armed monkey that has been taught that he gets bananas when he throws a dart over fifty feet away at that huge dartboard filled with every MOS known to man thereby assigning that marine to the specified job.

    The monkey-board system is sometimes lent out for verifying election results in Florida. Consequently they also control ever stoplight in the united states and the weather on your days off. It has been rumored that the monkey-board is on loan to lottery as well but this has not been verified as of yet.

    I hope this helps you understand how things work better now.

    I just couldn’t help myself +)

    Semper Fi

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    That's funny as hell.................but I heard it was a spinning board

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