You Know You Are From Jacksonville If:
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    Wink You Know You Are From Jacksonville If:

    You Know You Are From Jacksonville If:

    1. Someone in your family, or someone you know is in the Marines.

    2. You dated, or had a friend, who dated a Marine.

    3. You think it's stupid that they built all of the restaurants on Western Blvd.

    4. You know exactly how long it takes for your light to turn green at the intersection of Western & 17 next to Wal*Mart.

    5. You know that Gum Branch Rd magically turns into Bell Fork Road once it hits 17.

    6. You realize that no one will ever call New River Apartments -- Town Center Apartments.

    7. You come to the conclusion that people that live in Northwoods & Country Club are filthy rich.

    8. You remember the $1 movie theatre @ Northwoods & Brynn Marr.

    9. You have been to the fireworks show on base.

    10. Sept. 11 2001, you just knew Camp Lejeune, NC was next to be hit by Osama's bomb squad b/c it's one of the largest military bases in the country.

    11. You have confirmed that you were from Florida, to spare the hassle of explaining where Jacksonville, NC is.

    12. Everyone in college asked you if you went to Southwest and if they could see a state ring.

    13. You know that when people say "Brynn Marr", they mean the place where the crazy people go.

    14. You've ever wondered why the McDonald's on the corner of Western & 24 is the hot spot for bikers to gather.

    15. You've almost been shot at Planet Rock.

    16. You've ever driven to the back of Northwoods during Christmas Time to look at the nice ass houses decorated with lights.

    17. You've ever driven to the back of Northwoods just to look at the NICE ASS houses and imagine that they're yours.

    18. You know at least one person that works in the mall.

    19. You know that if a girl looks 18...she's really 16.

    20. You know who Radio Man is

    21. You've ever wanted to shoot the drivers of our wonderful city b/c they don't know how to use their turning signal, read the speed limit signs, etc.


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    This is all courtesy of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce? LOL

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    20. You know who Radio Man is
    Who is radio man? Who hauls his extra batteries?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowwing
    Who is radio man? Who hauls his extra batteries?
    His energy alone is more than enough with him...

    When he sees our car, he always gives us a great big wave...


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    A few more from a friend

    You know that "Driftwood" isnt only at the beach.

    You know a chick who owns a mobile home in Hubert

    You avoid shopping on payday.

    You know there are more azzhole drivers per square mile than in any other city in the US. (or more specifically, younger, stupid drivers).

    You wonder who was the idiot that put that fly-speck of an airport so far away from the base? It was probably a great uncle of a taxi driver.

    When you call Onslow Beach a vacation get away.

    You know where the Brown Bagger use to be on Lejeune Blvd.

    You know why the trees line the median on Lejeune Blvd.


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    Nothin' could be finer than to be in Carolina in the mooorning...

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    fried balooney and grits is on the sunday menu

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    Forgot a few like...

    You know more stripers than you do street names

    You can tell the time of day by the traffic between MCB and Piney Green

    You know of or have dated a striper from one of the many clubs

    You can no longer count all the tatoo parlors that there are

    You don't need a map to get from the J-ville Mall to the nearest ABC Store

    You know that the Party Zone isn't at a friend's house

    You throw a Hurricane party for a tropical storm

    Everything closes with just 1/4 inch of snow on the ground

    You know the quickest way to the strip joints but can't find the J-ville hospital

    Your best friend is the taxi driver who charges you less for continuosly using thier services

    You can spot Students from Camp Johnson/ Camp Gieger/ MCAS New River at a glance

    The only time you need a patrolamn is when you don't need one

    Most of the Police are Retired Marines

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