My son leave home tomorrow
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    My son leave home tomorrow

    I hope I am in the right place. My son will be picked up tomorrow by his recruiter and leaves for Parris Island on 9/11. I am a nervous wreck and I can't stop crying! I've been lurking here this morning and feel like some of you may understand. My emotions are still quite raw from the past year in the New Orleans area.

    Thanks for "listening".

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    Don't worry Connie he'll be just fine, our parents all went through this and let me tell you they were all the proudest people on graduation day. I went to boot camp in 88 and my dad still brings up graduation day to me every now and then as one of the highlights in his life.

    Semper Fi
    Joe (Pyro31)

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    Don't Worry, He'll Be Just Fine. My Son Went In Just Over A Year Ago And He Loves It. You Won't Believe The Changes In Him When He Comes Home. If You Get To Go To His Graduation Bring Plenty Of Tissues.

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    No doubt you will miss him in the coming weeks. There are other Mom's here who have been through what you've been through. Some more recently than others. It has been quite a while now since I stood on the yellow footprints myself. It will be an experience he will remember the rest of his life. The next few weeks will be challenging. He won't be alone though. There will be other recruits, drill instructors and other staff there the whole time.

    I think it's okay to cry. Just let him know you love him and support his decision. It will help his time there pass easier if he doesn't have to worry about his Mom. Try to keep letters encouraging, upbeat and supportative. Save any bad news until he gets home.

    There are places online where parents post pictures, share experiences, and information. Hopefully some of the other parents will share those links with you. I've seen them here but haven't saved them and didn't do a search before replying.

    Hopefully you'll be able to make it to "family day" and his graduation. It will be an experience you too will never forget.


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    Hang in there, Connie.
    Your son's life will be in another ball park. A ball park that will be out of your control. Support him and encourage him because he will thrive on positive feedback. I can say that I have "Been there, done that" but only as as a father and not a mother. You will go through your own metamorphosis (?) and in a couple of months you to will turn into a "Marine Mom". I think that you have what it takes just as your son. Good luck to both of you.
    You might want to get a sticker from your son's recruiter that says, Proud Parent of a United States Marine and put it in a proud place.

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    Heay NOLady

    You're gonna be just fine and your son is gonna grow so much in the coming weeks that you're going to be amazed at the man you'll be picking up in 13 weeks!

    I know I was amazed at the Woman I picked up from PI last week

    If ya need anything just gimme a hollar...I'm always available to fellow parents. Boot Camp doesn't just train our youngins to be Marines, it trains us parents on how to be Marine Parents. It's a hard job, but well worth it

    There are some parents sites and family sites as well...but I tell ya the truth here....the Marines here at Leatherneck did far more to keep me centered on the goal she'd made and did far more in me seeing the courage and honor that each of the Marines here has...and that's what kept me strong while she was at Parris Island.

    Take care, breathe deep, and hang on, it's a roller coaster, but the ride is worth it.



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    Thumbs up Connie,

    Listen to Mama. She is the resident expert in Marine moms. It was actually fun and funny get reports from her on her daughter's progress. You can do the same that is what we like to do..

    You are proud now, just wait to see what you have to be proud of in a few weeks.

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