3RD Batallion, 1st Marine Div. Charlie Co. Vietnam 1970-1971
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    Cool 3RD Batallion, 1st Marine Div. Charlie Co. Vietnam 1970-1971

    Looking for the following:

    Friends that were in my company. I was in a weapons platoon. MOrtarman.

    Can't remember specific battles or campaigns, but do remember boot camp.

    ANy information or contact info for above unit desired. Internet access is intermittent, but I have a guy next door who helps.

    Looking for boot camp pal Donald Glover

    Respectfully, L/Cpl Terrance Sanders

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    3/1 Mortars, Nam 1970-71

    I was with H&S Co. 3/1, Mortars, Hill 190, 1971. My name is Bill Shipley.
    Glad to touch basis with someone who was there. Semper Fi

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    I'm black, and I just wanted to get to know someone from that time on the internet. Semper Fi to you.

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    Were you at Camp Horno?

    Did you go to Camp Horno when you came back to the world? The Pink Palace? I went to 7th Engineers when they busted us up? Did you ever hear about a black guy named Savage? EU later

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    went to camp horno

    Went to camp horno when came back. I knew Savage, went to submarines when we got back...

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    You went where? Subs?

    I went to Boot camp with Savage. He was a pretty nice guy. He had a big bump on his forehead. I lost contact with everyone I knew in my mortar crew. You don't recall a guy named Villarreal? He was a mortarman, small spainish guy ( did reefer alot). Well, those were the days. I have been trying to find Villarreal for years. Well, EU later, SgtShipley

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    Talking Address and phone number

    I thought I'd send my address and phone number so you can call me sometime. Semper Fi.

    Lance Corporal Terry M. Sanders
    208 West Columbia Street
    Farmington Missouri (MO) 63640

    Phone: (636) 756-8841 or (636) 756-7481

    Thanks for replying, I would appreciate a phone call. If nothing else, send your address and phone so I can send you a letter or phone instead of email.(I don't always have direct access to the internet. Using a public terminal.)

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    3/1 Vietnam

    I was in Nam with Bill Shipley as well

    SSgt Steven Baber,USMC,Ret

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    A lot of stuff on these posts, I don't savvy. Something don't ring true to me.

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    Not sure what your saying or whom you trying to get hold of
    i was trying to get hold of Sanders, but feel free to look me up on togetherweserve my friend, and bill Shipley as well

    Semper Fi

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    What I'm referring to is you Marines posting your phone numbers and addresses, for all to see....not good. Send them by PM. You are answering posts made 12 years ago. Didn't know if you knew it.

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    I apologize, I wasn't thinking that way, is there anyway to delete it..

    Steve Baber

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebabevets View Post
    I apologize, I wasn't thinking that way, is there anyway to delete it..

    Steve Baber

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