3RD Batallion, 1st Marine Div. Charlie Co. Vietnam 1970-1971
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    Cool 3RD Batallion, 1st Marine Div. Charlie Co. Vietnam 1970-1971

    Looking for the following:

    Friends that were in my company. I was in a weapons platoon. MOrtarman.

    Can't remember specific battles or campaigns, but do remember boot camp.

    ANy information or contact info for above unit desired. Internet access is intermittent, but I have a guy next door who helps.

    Looking for boot camp pal Donald Glover

    Respectfully, L/Cpl Terrance Sanders

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    3/1 Mortars, Nam 1970-71

    I was with H&S Co. 3/1, Mortars, Hill 190, 1971. My name is Bill Shipley.
    Glad to touch basis with someone who was there. Semper Fi

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    I'm black, and I just wanted to get to know someone from that time on the internet. Semper Fi to you.

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    Were you at Camp Horno?

    Did you go to Camp Horno when you came back to the world? The Pink Palace? I went to 7th Engineers when they busted us up? Did you ever hear about a black guy named Savage? EU later

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    went to camp horno

    Went to camp horno when came back. I knew Savage, went to submarines when we got back...

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    You went where? Subs?

    I went to Boot camp with Savage. He was a pretty nice guy. He had a big bump on his forehead. I lost contact with everyone I knew in my mortar crew. You don't recall a guy named Villarreal? He was a mortarman, small spainish guy ( did reefer alot). Well, those were the days. I have been trying to find Villarreal for years. Well, EU later, SgtShipley

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    Talking Address and phone number

    I thought I'd send my address and phone number so you can call me sometime. Semper Fi.

    Lance Corporal Terry M. Sanders
    208 West Columbia Street
    Farmington Missouri (MO) 63640

    Phone: (636) 756-8841 or (636) 756-7481

    Thanks for replying, I would appreciate a phone call. If nothing else, send your address and phone so I can send you a letter or phone instead of email.(I don't always have direct access to the internet. Using a public terminal.)

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    3/1 Vietnam

    I was in Nam with Bill Shipley as well

    SSgt Steven Baber,USMC,Ret

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