Wanting input from female marines on their experience!
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    Wanting input from female marines on their experience!

    Well I finally qualified and everything and i am ready to finally do what i have been putting off for so long i let my husband do his marine thing now im wanting to do my own career I am going Reserve and wanting to know any boot camp experience?? I am also wondering why there isn't to many women in the Marine reserves my recruiter said he signed his 1st woman of the year ,either way would love anyones experiences and hopefully one day i can make this dream a reality!

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    What type of experiances are you looking for? The only thing any of us can tell you is what happened to us individually because the experiance was different for all of us.

    Also, can't say why there aren't that many females in the Reserves - hell, there aren't that many females on AD either.............that's why we're called the Fewer the Prouder.

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    I would definitively like to know anyones experience so i know a little what to expect I only know one marine women and shes marine Officer she said her training was a bit different and im going enlisted. so anything is helpful thank you for responding/..

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    If you want the tough side come over to the mens side, just joking girl, Good Luck,Semper Fidelis.

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    Try looking through some of the pages in the Ask A Marine forum......

    Female Marine Advice Needed(ASAP PLEASE)

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