Futures .. Updates
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    Futures .. Updates

    Please state your name, your location and your age ..
    And anything you'd like me to know about you ..

    ok, I hope I get to know you all, Maybe some of us will serve together ..

    Dawn Marie Bishop
    Houston , Texas
    The job I want is 2311 . AMMO TECH , But im going in open contract right now im planning on taking the Asvab agian so I can get that MOS . But if for some reason i cant take it no more ill be happy with whtever the Corps wants me to me in ..


    Flex arm hang : 112 sec .
    Run time: mile 1/2 : 14 min . still improving
    Crunches : 100 in 2 min ..



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    Cool Too Much Info......

    If anybody wants to contact DawnMarie, it should be done by PM and/or e-mail..........Too much information can get into the wrong hands.........You never know on the internet who will be lurking......

    The Drifter

    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine


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    Thumbs down Is This The Return of...Laugh-In???

    This thread has turned into a juvenile mixer..so far removed from The USMC....bunch of civilian wannabes ...wondering...wondering....will I be a Marine???...cut to the chase...ENLIST... and find out the hard way!!!

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    I am with you "Drifter' perhaps a direct e-mail to Dawn would be in order. I am surprised too you posted her address. Maybe pull it off now??

    Also want to double up on what 'Lock - Load' is saying. I am all most at the point of suggesting some sort of "means" testing to get on here. Dawn Marie I am sorry to say is much to chatty for me and I think for this site. At first it was mildly amusing now it is just annoying--as with lots of youngsters, wannbe's and never will be's.

    Something to think about, perhaps.

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    huh .. my address is not posted .. flex arm hang is what the females do instead of pull ups ..

    i dont see a problem with this post just want to get to know the other wanna bes .. ?? whats the deal

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    Guest Free Member

    This thread is listed under the "Poolee Hall" forum.

    I think WE are here as guests ONLY.

    If the kids invade our territory, we have a right to *****, complain, and kick ass.

    Altough none of them has ever expressed it, I believe they have the same rights.

    My kids knock on the door before they can come into MY room. And unless I deem it an emergency situation, I knock on the door before entering theirs.

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    Im confused . I stopped posting on Open Squad Bay because I was asked to ,so I come here.. to post to talk to poolees or who ever wants to post .. i dont disrespect anyone ,i dont talk back, i dont cause trouble, i just wanted to get to know youll .. make friends

    Everything Ive been told to do I have done I ask questions here because i get answers i dont get BS from youll .. Sorry if you think im out of line for trying to be respectful and friendly i thought this was a forum ..

    Correct me if im wrong ..


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    thanks Firstsgtmike .. somebody likes me


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    Earle Comstock
    Guest Free Member
    I do see a solutiod to this . Make it so the poolee stuff stays in there room . I know this can be made to do this . That way if we need to go into the kids room , we'll knock . Being out on the main page makes it accessible to all . There has to be some kind of seperation , This is , after all , Leatherneck.com .

    Semper Fi Marines
    Cpl Commie
    :rambo: Kill A Commie For Mommy :rambo:
    Be good to yourself And Respect Your Elders
    Death And Destruction Professionally , USMC

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    Actually, there is nothing wrong with Dawn Marie's post. In fact that is partially what the Poolee forum is about; future and possible Marines talking amongst themselves, sharing stories and getting ideas. The other part of the forum is for us as Marines to help and guide them with any questions they may have. We are not necessarily guests in the Poolee forum, but I think 1stSgt has the right idea.

    As for the post of the city and state, that is information that a registered user here can put in their profile if they want to. I would not suggest to people they place their whole address, however if they really wanted to, it is up to them.

    Any questions about this just send me a PM or email.

    Semper Fi,

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    Guest Free Member
    Dawn Marie


    I don't like anybody.

    Black and white. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

    I function on principles. NOT on personalities.

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    My error. Did not realize I was in the Poolee Hall. Believe me at my age I often walk around uncertain as to where I am. That being said I still find it very unwise to post--particularly a young woman--an address on ANY site. Even it it is made of a bunch of nice Marines like us! Earle C and "Top" Mike make points too that we ought to knock first, However with the post right up on the front page we're in before we know where we are. Nuf said here, I PM'd Dawn directly and expressed my point. I'm done !

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    Hon, I believe your doing OK. Sometime us old farts tend to open our mouths or start ranting before we ingage our brains.

    We are Honorable however and don't mind being corrected when required.

    Thanks to Shaffer and his Wizardy Wizards, you and the Poolee's have a place to go and exchange ideas, thoughts and make new friends.
    But Posts are Posts. They are gonna come up.

    We're still here to help answer questions and give guidance as needed.

    And "No", firstsgtmike doesn't like anybody even his Momma. But we like him and glad he came home.

    Note: Please remember what Shaffer stated; "Be careful with putting your vitals out on the open net". You can only imaging what can happen if someone wants to use your info. It's a creul and nasty world out here and it gets a lot worse if you forget to pay attention.

    Good Luck

    Richard B. Greene
    J A M

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    ok, thanks guys


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    The world is a cruel and nasty place! ****!
    Why didn't I get the word!

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