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    Boot Camp ?'s

    My question has any of the fellow Marines in this site have gone through boot camp durning the cold season, if so how was it and can I get some advice to get trough it. Thanks!

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    Get a straw and suck it up is the best advice honestly...or delay and go in the summer!

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    In my opinion my chaice to go Oct - Dec was a good one. But I am fromPa so anytime would have probably been a good time compared to the relative mild climate of South Carolina in the winter months that is about 35 degrees, they do get freezing rains occasionally. You are from Florida, so maybe a summer tour at Parris Island would suit you better. It is as humid as Florida and there are gators trust me. Maybe the cooler weather would do you some good, because you will sweet no matter what you do you will be moving as rapidly as possible no walking, running is more than likely the mode at which you will move.

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    I'm from Florida, every Marine I've met that grew up here said Parris Island was *no sweat* in the summer.

    I don't know what part of FL you're from, but here it's about 92-95 with 85% humidity for June, July, August, September, and some of October. (Even at night it doesn't get below 80)

    Parris Island has black flag days too, which you aren't aloud to do any physical work outside (not even drill). And if you're like me and hate the cold (I won't go outside if its below 50)...then go in the summer.

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    Won't go outside if it is less than 50!!!! That is still shortsleeve weather here. I don't consider it to be cold until it gets below freezing, and that is just cool. 20 or more below zero is COLD weather.

    That aside I went through San Diego in winter (Nov-Jan) and it wasn't bad at all to me. Since you are from Florida you will find it just a little cooler at PI than you are used to. The cold won't kill you and you are gonna have to deal with it sometime in life so why not make it now. You could be goin squid and going to Great Lakes in the winter and really frosting your azz off.

    Suck it up and start thinking like it doesn't matter because it really doesn't. They give ya a field jacket so ya dont freeze to death and ya even get a poncho or some kind of covering for the damper weather you might encounter.

    You are about to become an adult so it is time to start acting like one and accepting things as they are. You are not going to get things your way all the time and the sooner you begin to accept that fact the better off you will be...

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    Think of it this way..

    In the Corps, you may be placed ANYWHERE. Antartica.. whatever.

    Just because you CAN plan to go in the Summer cause it's too cold for you're liking.. does it mean you SHOULD? I'd say, face the things you're afraid of, and what you're not confortable with.. so you can get confortable and un-afraid of it..

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    Im kinda hopin to go in the summer or spring seasons because im used to 110 degrees 70% humidty doing hard labor so it would be no problem on the weather but oh boy when winter comes and its 50 degrees out im wearing my pants a shirt and my lettermens jacket and its still chilly

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    Thanks for all the advice, I guess Im just going to go through it and make sure I earn the title. Thanks!

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