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    A 2009 thread

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    On Okinawa I went to meet my staff sergeant at his BEQ to catch a liberty hop to Clark Air Base. MAC of course required Charlie uniform. I quickly put my bag together, threw my uniform on without squaring away, and out the door I went, (with visions of Phillipina sugar plums dancing in my head). I knocked on his door, he answered it, and who's sitting there but my first sergeant. "You look like a piece of ****e," he said. "YOU think this guy should be meritoriously promoted?" Down the tube. I didn't even know I was up for meritorious. I caught hell for that one from him. Embarassed him and me. All the way to PI. I eventually got it-because my cut score was so low for my MOS, but it would have been nice knowing I got it for the outstanding job I was doing instead of because my MOS was critical.

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