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    Quote Originally Posted by m14ed View Post
    start searching over @ www .yellowfootprints. com

    they MIGHT have it to copy online
    Thanks I was looking on that site last night but didn't see it

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    Listen, there are half a dozen sites that specialize
    with gear like that- USMC photo MCRD related -
    west coast @ MCRD-SD had a better chance of having
    it or copy of it, MCRD-PI less of a chance -

    eyeball around here on Leatherneck com some more-
    i am sure they are referenced because others have
    looked for simular help in the past

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    The group platoon pix was never in the book. It is a totally separate picture. PI has some platoon pix...you can purchase BUT NOT every platoon.
    Wait til weekday, then call 1(843)-228-1555. Since you have the yearbook, you know the name of the SDI and the date of graduation. Give PI that info. If you are lucky, for about $11 they will have the platoon pix and will mail it to you. FYI .... they do NOT have indiv pix.

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    Looking for Marine stationed at Alameda NAS 1966, he was a buddy of another Marine Nickknamed ANIMAL.

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    Boot Camp Year Book

    I am trying to locate the yearbook for MCRD San Diego, CA. Second Battalion Platoon 2027 from February 26, 1971. This is the day I showed up in San Diego. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do realize that it has been more than 47 years and would like to get a copy of that yearbook if one is available or if someone can direct me to the company that created the yearbooks back in 1971.

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