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    I still have a year book from 1970. I saw it on E-bay and bought it. I did this for the hell of it. It is for 3rd Btln Plt 3076. I have it in safe keeping. I graduated from PI in 1970. So if anyone knows a Marine from that Plt and they want the year book,just have them PM me and I will send it to them free of charge.

    bootlace15 out

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    I am currently looking for My graduation yearbook from platoon 1092 and 1093 Alpha Company. We graduated in January of 1992. If there is still a way for Me to purchase the yearbooks, I can be contacted at melvincooper1001@hotmail.com Thank You

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    good day and semperfi to all, my name is juan sierra jr 2163477 i was in plt 344 in parris island 1965. our drill instructors were sgt pitts and cpl bess would like to find grad pic or yr book if at all possible.

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    It would be so much easier if we had an active Marine on this MB who could be our point man in helping us find our old platoon pictures from PI.

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    If you find a souce for Year Books let me know I need mine from 1973 Plt 2050 San Diago

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    Folks, check out this site:

    And look through their boot camp database. It is entirely user-supported... so if you have stuff.. upload it. If you're looking for information, ask there.

    Good luck.

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    Thumbs up seaching for my yearbook

    hey all you lean ,mean ,and killing machines, semper fi.i'm looking for my red book from 1973 from parris island our platoon was 114 s/sgt fields was our s.d.i. and s/sgt. wynn and s/sgt. quinn where the a.d's... if anyone has one let me know please.also if any one know where these drill instuctors are let me know to please semper fi to all

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    Quote Originally Posted by awbrown1462 View Post
    If you find a souce for Year Books let me know I need mine from 1973 Plt 2050 San Diago
    hey bro try typing in your browser if you have google,,(marine corps yearbooks s.d.) and then click on shopping and it will bring up all book on the web for sale and also go to amazon . com all one word.. they have some there. hope the helps you, it helped me.

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    Pi Plt 347 July 62

    Thornbush, that is the same plt. did you ever find a book? Did you take the train from Boston down to PI?

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    Plt 347

    Thornbush, I was from Boston when i enlisted now down in Florida

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    plt 347 yearbook

    Thornbush, I would like a copy of our graduation pictur.e

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    You might check out( The Eagle lobe and Anchor ) web sight.

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    Parris Island
    Parris Island Museum
    I recently sent an e-mail to this Owens dude, and the mail was returned as cannot sened. So, I tried it again, and again.

    I also, mailed a letter to the address, and they sent a latter back telling me they could not help me, and gave me another address to a book store in NC I never heard from that store.

    I then tired the phone number listed there was no answer on several occasions.

    I guess what I'm saying is do we really know this PI info is really working !

    Facility address:
    Bldg. 111 MCRD
    Panama St.
    Parris Island, SC 29902
    Mailing address
    PO Box 19001
    Parris Island, SC 29902

    Individual in charge of historical records program:
    Marshall D. Owens, Assistant Curator
    Telephone: (843) 525-2951
    Fax: (843) 525-3065
    E-mail: owensm@pik.usmc.mil

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    I called PI and spoke to a young lady who told me that i could get a plt picture but not a yearbook. So i sent for the picture.

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    I was sent to this thread after posting my own. I was curious if anyone has or knows where I could find a yearbook. K Company 3/4 1966.

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