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    i did it

    And now im hurten .. i ran 8 miles the other day i really dont know how i did it but i stopped few times .. throw up .. you know food dont taste as good coming up .. im hurting .. ouch
    i tryed to go running agian to get the soreness out .. so i ran another mile that was the worst mile ever ..
    now i cant walk . its really bad

    thanks for the tips the breathing helped alot but i was mainly runnning on motavation and not wanting to run it agian .. SSgt Stevens just kept telling me you stop and your gonna run around the building a few times .. i dont know how you Marines do this stuff .. im hurtin


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    Guest Free Member
    No appreciation.

    If you throw it up, you're really getting double your money's worth. You taste it on its way down, and again when it comes back up.

    Double your pleasure, double your fun.

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    What? Were you expecting pity from a Marine? I can see maybe an "I've been there," but since they have been there, my experiences have been more like, "Yep. Been there, done that. You'll live, just like I did. Suck it up and keep going."

    Now, I don't know about you, but that attitude motivates me!

    Oh, and that play off of Double Mint Gum's old slogon had me rolling! Sent me back to my youth.

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    When you throw up, you know its doing some good! You've gotta appreciate it!
    As for the soreness, do some stretching whenever you're sitting and watching tv or something. It'll hurt, but it'll help the soreness go away.

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    uh....here's a clue. Don't eat just before ya go runnin'.

    and ya might think about not partyin' so hard the night before! LOL.

    One other thing. You work up to eight and ten mile runs. Ya don't just go for it, although I do admire the committment.

    If ya wanta make it real fun, ya drink all night the night before, eat a big breakfast and THEN go runnin'! OH YEAH! GET SOME!

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    Earle Comstock
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    Talk about running , how about being in your squad , the guys in front of you have all been drinking the night before . You swear they had eggs and beans for dinner . And your not feeling all that great yourself , due to a long night with a bottle . And all you can think is , someday I'm gonna lead them . Well my someday did come , and you can bet your as s that I got my payback . And after all that time I perfected the art . It's a good feeling when you hear the guys behind you gagging , and begging for you to be nice to them . Yea right , FVCK EM , I paid my dues , now its there turn .
    Cpl Commie:rambo: Kill A Commie For Mommy :rambo:

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    lol .. i cant wait to hear sum body say please Mam no more ..
    oh yeah

    im trying really hard at this cus RSS Houston just a got a new NCO and he wants me to pass a PERFECT IST beacuse my ASVAB was low so he wont write me unless i do so ..

    So this Motivation is DO or Die .. im gonna gonna do it theres no stopping me now ..


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    You cant Die, untill your Recruiter tell you its ok. D*** i love it when its somebody else

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    lol, I wont intell i have permission ..

    where have you been shooter ??


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    Earle you certainly bring back the good memories morning P.T for the first two years was misery running up ball buster smellin beer farts from the squad leaders, when it was my turn it was pickled eggs for breakfast for me It made my day to hear the rear road guards saying holy sh**.

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    Smile To All Above [Jellybean]

    .....I can still hear the NCOIC...more...morE...moRE...mORE...MORE...MORE... MORE!! Semper Fi, Mac:chinese:LtG

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    Ah the memories of bringing up the rear--all puns intended--in squad of beer and bean swilling Marines that are out for a morning jaunt !!

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    lol, thats gross ..

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    Earle Comstock
    Guest Free Member
    Get use to it Dawn , or are you gonna tell me ,"Women don't drink beer and fart ." just wait until you get out of boot and get in the Corp . Hey , you may want to start practicing now , so you can be good at it too . This is some funny shi t . Look at her post right after the first one I posted in here . Then this one she's laughing and says its gross . I don't think she understood , but she will . Unless my girls right when she says , that wasn't me , it was the dog , put him outside . Yea Right , the lying b , oh hi honey , gotta go .
    Semper Fi Marines
    Cpl Commie:rambo: Kill A Commie For Mommy :rambo:
    Be Good To Yourself And Respect Your Elders :bandit:

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