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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeyBandit
    Is it, Sir yes Sir! or just Yes Sir! when answering questions? Also when do you use Aye Sir vs. Aye Aye Sir when given an order.
    It may vary with different DIs but for mine Aye Sir was the standard response to an order. I never heard Aye Aye while I was there. One recruit in my platoon did ask whats the difference and my DI told him they are the same, you'll just here more "old schoolers" say Aye Aye Sir vs. Aye Sir. Again it may vary but for my DIs it was just Yes Sir, Aye Sir, No Sir rather than begining and ending with sir. One guy did it and my DI said "SON I'M NOT F***ING HUNGRY SO DONT FEED ME A D*** SIR SANDWICH". Priceless.

    Now this young Devil Dog has a question for all those who have a few stripes on their collar. Is it normal to feel a bit of bootcamp withdrawl when you get home? I mean I couldn't wait to leave the land that God forgot, but now i kinda miss it. Anyone else go through this?

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    I work with my buddy, he's a LCpl now, been in for a year and he misses it, hope that helps.

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