Tips for helping your parents through Recruit Training
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    Tips for helping your parents through Recruit Training

    As a mom I understand that you poolees are getting motivated, learning and preparing for your training to become a Marine as well as life on your own. That's commendable. But, your parents still worry over you no matter what. We raised you for 17-18 years, protected, nurtured, sheltered and love ... here's a few tips to keep your parents from completely losing their sanity while you are in Recruit Training earning the title of US Marine.

    1- Leave a couple of notes behind..not in plain sight, but somewhere you know your mom and/or dad will find them. Not too mushy, but reassure them that this is really what you want in life and that you will still love them when you get out of Boot Camp, as well as how much you want them to be there for graduation.

    2- Be sure and write (yes, I know you will be incredibly busy) but even if it's just a paragraph it means worlds to parents just to see your handwriting and know that you're apparently in one piece if you can hold a pen and write.

    3- Don't tell 'em about every scrape bump and bruise, mom's especially tend to panic and are quickly convinced you're going to die of gangreene. Yes, we do have vivid imaginations LOL

    I may add more later as I pour through my memory to remember all the things Kaydra did before she left and even while there to help me not to worry...but for now that's it...

    I hope this helps

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    I'll add a couple.

    4. Don't lie. You want your parents to see you as an adult making a mature decision? Then don't tell them you're going to be admin when you know you're going to be 03XX or don't know at all. Don't tell them it's for reserves when you're really going for active duty.

    5. A certain Mama told me of how she missed her daughters voice. She'd often call her cell phone just to hear a short message about leaving a message. If possible leave a recording or even a video of yourself for your parents.

    And I agree with Mama. Try to send a little note as often as you can. Instead of writing a letter 5 pages long over the course of weeks ... write a short note and mail it off.


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    Exclamation now this!

    Now this is a GREAT Idea...., thank you ladys for putting this one up...

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    Yes, very good stuff. Will keep this all noted and in mind!



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