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Fierce Conversation Number Three With Coach Bodnar
August 18, 2006

If you havent read Parts one and two this one will leave you in the dust!
Pasco High Wrestling News- August 8th, 2006
Here is where it gets down and dirty. What has changed that you have to call wrestlers, 10 minutes prior to practice and wake them up out of bed to come to practice, and or go and get them. Where are the adults? There are some kids in bed at noon. You have got to be kidding me! What kind of parent doesn't care enough about their child to make sure they are taking care of their committments? Personally I am appalled.

I raised two children from the time they were two and three years old. They are successful adults with degrees , military service behind them, are parents, work in education and coaching and I am extremely proud of them.

I remember the days when I had to have two and three babysitters to cover all of the issues as I had no one to help, no family within 2000 miles.

I never missed a practice and I have coached four sports over 35 seasons. Only left one practice because my son split his arm open on the black top at Emerson Elementary and I had to go to the hospital with him to get it stitched.

I always asked my kids about what they wanted possessions or opportunities, and at their young age they told me opportunities. I respected that, I didn't have nor do I still have a huge house, lived in rentals most of my life, but my kids,they went on athletic trips, Choir Trips, participated in sports, and all kinds of other endeavors. I took them, I drove them , I raised the money for them to go or I worked the camp for their tuition.

Many times my son would be on a trip and I couldn't go but I sent him to do his thing because I didn't have the resources for both of us to go.

I am concerned that parents are not giving their kids opportunities, offering their kids the real experiences in life and actually being involved with them.

It breaks my heart to see how easy kids quit, or are not supported by family in their endeavors. It is horrible that a family will not pull together and even attend events where their kids are participating. What in the world are people thinking about. I really don't want to hear the "I don't have time thing." I work 20 hours a day at least 6 days a week and sometimes seven so that doesn't fly with me. Most likely part of my work is paying for your kids camp or driving him to practice or helping him get over an illness or skin problem or attending to his grade issues. Where are you?

Setting up camp this summer I spent six weeks in the organization ,details handling money problems, spending time after my summer school class giving them the opportunity to get in shape. Many did not take advantage of the opportunities that I afforded them.

I found jobs for kids that didn't have the money for tuition for camp and some of them didn't show up. Excuse me if that irritated me a little.

I had professional people who contacted me and harrassed me for camp information, pledged their childs attendance, and guess what. When it came down to it. Didn't even have the courtesy to call me and say my son isn't going.

I had a mother call me and question me about the camp committment and promised she would be back to me within two days. Guess what that didn't happen either.

I provided another student the opportunity to work for me and earn camp tuition and I am glad that I had it to offer. I am proud of the young man because he worked it all off.

I told you this would be down and dirty. So many people walk around these days like the world owes them their existence. You have got to be kidding me. If I want to pay my bills I have to work for it.

We have students that come to school for breakfast and lunch and skip the classes in between. Down and dirty right. No, just the facts! No one but a knucklehead like me would engage you on these issues.

You can get mad at me if you want, I do love your kids and I spend my existence on them.

I hear so many excuses it feels like hammers hitting me in the head. I think if I hear another one of these I will be sick.

You may be one that says if you don't like it , quit doing it. I say NO, I don't quit. I am just asking you to do your part. They are your children. At least give them some opportunities and back them up.

I would never let you or you child down, that is the reason for this down and dirty conversation. I have endured hard times in my life, served my country , served the community, raised my kids without help. Give me a reason that you can't back yours up!

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