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    Hello all. I am getting ready to head down to DI school in a few months. Here is my question: what is Drill Instructor school like and is it the same or easier now than what it was when any of you went through the school. .

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    Ooorah SSGT... Youve been in 18 years ? your profile says youve been in since 88.

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    No thats supposed to be 98 but I cant figure out how to go back and fix it.

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    I did D.I. School in 1966 and there was a lot of TMI, PT, Drill, like being in Boot Camp again.

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    What were the instructors like back then? Ribbon creek had already passed so it was already a formal school right? you were to prepare the recruits for vietnam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by machinegunn
    No thats supposed to be 98 but I cant figure out how to go back and fix it.
    Use this link to fix.

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    hey thanks. Im new at this.

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    Roger that SSgt.

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    Most of the Instructors were great. We had a SSgt Diebert who taught TMI and would sit in the back of the room and chain smoke. When we went for a run this guy could run forever. We called him "Iron Balls", behind his back of course. We had over 90 recruits in most platoons and could not drop any and had to train them and graduate them then send them to Nam. We called them McNamara's band. When you gavethe platoon a column right, allthree Drill Instructors had to be around so you did not lose any recruits. The were many fights between platoons on the grinder for running into each other. The RTR C.O. used to sit in his office and watch the parade deck with binoculars for oany infractions of the SOP. But of course being Marines, we improvised around the SOP. Best tour of duty I ever had was being a D.I. Just remember to leave it there when you are off duty.

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    Old Marine did you find DI school hard back then? And what was the toughest part? Was it the Pt or the TMI or just the Instructors?

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    At the time, I had never spoken to a group of anyone about anything. TMI for me had to be the toughest thing I ever did. The instructor gave me a pencil and told me to instruct on the eraser for 5 minutes. There is not a whole lot you can say about an eraser. Once you get with a platoon, it seems to all come easy.

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    My girlfriends son just went through the drill...
    It took a little toll on his health but he made it...

    He received his first recruits this passed Sunday....


    Give them Hell....


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    what depot??

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    Devour those pigs when you dawn that Smokey Bear. Make 'em earn it. Oohrah SSgt, Get Some!!

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    A friend of mine went through a few months back and he told me one of his instructors made him correct a painted line dividing the road at MCRD San Diego. Then he had to square away a tree. And finally, he had to close order drill the sea gulls and go off on them when they got the commands wrong. I would like to have a lawnchair and some popcorn nearby if you get to do these things. I guess you would have to correct me for not eating my popcorn in an efficient military manner.

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