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    Quote Originally Posted by polizei View Post
    If it's a wisdom tooth I would say forget it. I had all four of mine taken out, took me a week to "fully" recover. Though you're only really knocked out/drugged up for the first two days. Eating is impossible. I cannot see how you could go through bootcamp with that pain plus the pain of not eating and working out. Good luck though!
    haha. I'm not sure why, but this cracked me up.

    "It'll be impossible and you probably can't do it. Good luck though!"

    too funny.

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    Thank you!

    Thanks for the great tips! I was worried about a lot of the stuff mentioned. I will be sure to read them many times before i leave for boot.

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    Thanks for the great read, and the great advice. Will take into account.

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    All of this is legit,good stuff. I wish I had this before I left. Also, is there a way to change my Status? I am a Marine as of this past February. Thank you

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    First of all, Thank you Marines for sharing all your advice. I was wondering what happens if the D.I.'s do learn your name, or do you mean you should only refer to yourself as This Recruit and if you don't then your screwed? Thanks again for the advice!

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