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Thread: Any Engrs??

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    I was a 1341 Engineer 1982- 1985 in Det. "A" 2nd FSSG stationed at Cherry Point N.C.

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    You were a heavy junk mechanic?

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    I was 1391 with 8th Eng. Spt. Bn. at Camp Lejeune from 84-87 and 90-93.

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    I am currently a 1371 Combat Engineer in Okinawa, Japan.

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    Is 3rd FSSG still om the rock? Or is it called something else now?

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    I was a 1341 heavy junk Mech. in Detachment "A" 2nd FSSG

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    At Lejeune in 84, did you work in Building 904? ( I think that was the build # for 2nd FSSG? too long ago for me to remember) maybe building 902?

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    Thank you for your service Shane. I was a 1371 in Nam in 67-68/ Semper Fi Brother.

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    [QUOTE=rot204;726981]Was with Wes-27 TAFDS 1977-1980 (1391).....Gunny Mullins...Wo Lang..29 Stumps about 6 times...Haiti, disaster relief team couple times... Went to Yuma YPG to train for Hostage Rescue Attempt Nov 1979....

    Changed to a 1371 1980 went to Marine Barracks Norfolk as a carpenter and barracks locksmith...played softball and drank a ****load.

    Anyone out there from those days?

    Frank Rotundo

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    mrfredpowe1 - You were at El Toro the same time I was at Cherry Point doing the same ****! Semper Fi

    Frank Rotundo

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    I was a WM at Det A at NR and knew a Chief His name was Weatherford from SC. Not sure if he is the one you wanted. Good luck. Kathy

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    New River

    I was at Det A 81-83 and what about you? Kathy

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    As a 1142 on Okinawa 1979-80 General Service Unit at Zukeran Camp Smedley D Butler. We operated and maintained the emergency generators for ALL Marine Corp bases on island and Kue Hospital.We also provided,operated and maintained heavy equipment for Base Maintenance.
    1980 was with 11th Regimental Hqtrs Engrs again as a 1142.

    Corporal Stanco

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    I goofed and just now remembered. I was there 1978-1980. I guess my age is messing with me. It's good,it's all good.

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    1375 1954 - 1958

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