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Thread: Any Engrs??

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    Im a new Marine, relatively, im a 1391, Bulk Fuel Specialist

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    I served with the 11th engrs. hqs. co. as a 1345, dates were from 3-67 until 2-68. Our main base was DongHa South VietNam and we worked at such places as ConThien,KheShan, built the " dmz strip", GioLingh, Camp Carrol, and other notorious " **** holes"

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    Know any of these guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by regalville View Post
    I was a 1345, Heavy junk operator, 8th engineers, Support CO, Support BN, stationed at French Creek at Camp LeJeune from 1979 - 1982, met a lot of good friends there.
    Do you know any of these guys? They were heavy junk. I know some of the names. The pictures were taken at Ft Drum for Cold Weather Training. The one with three guys. Left is Chief (a native American what else). I never knew his real name. Everybody called him "Chief", middle Stanley Byrn, Right- Kaliavis. The other picture is of a monopoly game (One of these would erupt into a fist fight). The only one I can remember in this picture is the big Corporal sitting second from right. We called him Opie, I think his last name started with an H and he was from Indiana. The one closest to the window was a Sgt. The third black&white shows the heavy junk lot in the background. These guys were all 8th ESB and the year was 1979. Do you remember a large chested WM? She was heavy junk and was a joy to behold. She was the only WM that I ever saw in a working MOS.

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    1345 here "C" Company 3rd Shore Party Btln. Quang Tri, Dong Ha, Gio Linh, LZ STud and few other ****holes in Nam I cant remember.

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    Any Engrs??

    Quote Originally Posted by usmc5054 View Post
    Looking for anyone that was in the Engrs.
    Was with Wes-27 TAFDS 1977-1980 (1391).....Gunny Mullins...Wo Lang..29 Stumps about 6 times...Haiti, disaster relief team couple times... Went to Yuma YPG to train for Hostage Rescue Attempt Nov 1979....

    Changed to a 1371 1980 went to Marine Barracks Norfolk as a carpenter and barracks locksmith...played softball and drank a ****load.

    Anyone out there from those days?

    Frank Rotundo

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    Quote Originally Posted by usmc5054 View Post
    Looking for anyone that was in the Engrs.
    I served as a 1391 with WES37 as a Aircraft Refueler at El Toro, WES 27 at Iwakuni, Okinawa Camp Schwab, and at Camp Lejuene as a Bulk Fuelman in French Creek, from 1978 1981. Have fuel will travel.

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    No, but if they were there at French Creek, we ran into one another, or Heavy E use to dig our fuel holders.

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    Gunny L, what month did you arrive on Okinawa. I also was with WES 27 there, we were billieted out of Camp Bulter, but worked at Futima. I was with SSgt Moore at Camp Schwab. I believe the WO name was Wood. I left a many good men behind when I left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronr418 View Post
    I pulled two tours there, 1984-1987 and 1990-1993
    Have fuel will travel. 8th Engrs Bulkfuel Co, Fuel Platoon 1980-1981 French Creek. Gonzooooo!

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    Was at Mag 36 9TH Bulkfuel Co in 66 at Ky Ha,had out post at Tam Ky,Quan Nai,and Duc Pho with the grunts.Believe our CO was WO Woods.We had a few e-8's,and 7's,the rest of us peon's were out in the field most of the time.From nam went on to Pendleton to FMF Expeditionary unit area 1 for 14 months,then went to the 3rd MAW in K-Bay in out in 69 from Treasure Island.

    Semper Fi
    Ignacio Castilleja
    USMC 65-69

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    served with

    1st combat eng. bn. @chu lai and camp carroll rvn. 11-66 to 2-68. and 8th eng. bn. 3-68 to 10-69. camp lejuene. nuff said

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    Quote Originally Posted by jawhed View Post
    1st combat eng. bn. @chu lai and camp carroll rvn. 11-66 to 2-68. and 8th eng. bn. 3-68 to 10-69. camp lejuene. nuff said

    jawhead, I was with 1st Eng. bn attache to fox 2/5 67-68 at Phu Bai and Hue City battle.

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    8th Engr Bn
    Camp Lejeune

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    I was attached to Bulk Fuel (3/7,3rd, 3rd MarDiv) and in country from April 1968 through June 1969. My CO was Capt. Moody, HDQ was Dong Ha, but we were all over Northern I Corps, I was at Dong Ha, Con Thien, Gio Lin, Camp Carroll, LZ Stud. Spent most on my time on perimiter on Cua Viet river (at the bridge) and at LZ Stud. Was with, Ray Ingram, Gino Cappirelli, Phil Pinto, Grady Swink, Arine Agado and more. Were you around there???

    my direct email is:

    Quote Originally Posted by usmc5054 View Post
    Looking for anyone that was in the Engrs.

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    Any reunions in the works?

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