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Thread: Any Engrs??

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    From: Engineer 1371 to USMC 5054. Am interested in joining association, live in Ct. Was with B Co.7th engineer Bn. from 72 to 73 before going to division MPs. My e-mail address for contact is,

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    Engineer Equipment operator

    I was a 1345, Heavy junk operator, 8th engineers, Support CO, Support BN, stationed at French Creek at Camp LeJeune from 1979 - 1982, met a lot of good friends there.

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    Motor T.operator....San Mateo, 1st CEB '77 to (can't think) then to the Stumps with 7th. Engineers.

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    Any one with a 1375 mos?

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    I was HQCo, Legal, 7thEngrs, 64-65 and 66. Camp Pendleton and RVN. Spent my last few weeks tending bar at the EClub, my replacements caught on quick. I'd have bought you a beer, pal, if you'd have just come on time!

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    1341 2nd Maint Bn 2nd FSSG EMC Co. 98-02

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    I was with 1st Bridge Company, 7 Engineers Bn, 1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton,Calif. 1972-74. MOS's 0341/1371/1345/3516. I served in Vietnam in 1970-71 as a Mortarman and when I got back to the world..they made me a Combat Engineer. Got out of the Corps in 1974 and joined the Navy and became a Navy Corpman. Retired in 1992 as an HM1. Semper Fi, Bill Shipley

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    I served with H&S Companies of 3/5 and 3/1 as a Mortarman from Dec. 1970- May 1971. I spent most of my time on Hill 190 ( near LeMy Village) a few clicks west of DaNang/ Namo-Bridge..etc.

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    Congrutulations, Bill!

    ....'the change is forever' so for a fellow Marine, an Engr, a mrtrmn and then everyMarine's hero, a Corpsman. What a career! I admire you and I also envy you. I loved active duty and still love our Corps. I belong to the MCLeague and keep in touch with my Brothers. Those guys are all special, aren't they? I hope everything's great with you!
    Semper Fi 'til I die! Mike

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    Sgt Rock,

    That is the finest emoticon/remembrance panel(?) I have ever seen! Dammit man! That's real nice work.


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    Its been awhile since I have been on here....Thank you.

    Its been awhile since I have been on here. I served in the Corps in Nam the first time as Marine Mortarman. My second time I was in Nam was as a Corpsman during Operation Eagle Pull ( which was originally called " Eagle Talon") and Frequent Wind operations. I was there during "Black April". Jakes Hancock site has the whole story. My favorite C.O. for 7th Engineers was Lt. Vincent Arcieri. The toughest C.O. we had was Captain J.C. Shumaker ( Mustanger!) Loved this Marines Marine!! If I ever met anyone that was like Chesty was him. I was at Bldg. 14137 near Main Side at Camp Pendleton. I am consider myself an INACTIVE MARINE to this day...not a "former Marine" or Ex-Marine". Those terms should never be used!! Well..gonna get off my soap box and again...nice to be on here again.

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    Hecla ( Ironton ) OH.
    3rd CEB 87-88 8th ESB 88-91 MWSS 274 95

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    I was a 1371, got out in '99

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    1371 here, Served with a bunch of units to include 2nd CEB, 7th ESB, and CAB CEC. also include Parris Island with Weapons and Field Training Battalion H&S Co Wood Shop/Target Factory.

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