Chrisines address
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    Christines address

    RTC Johnson Christine A 3562
    PLT4036 4BN PCO
    Box 4036
    Parris Island SC 29905-4036

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    Thank you Dad I will pass that on to Pfc Parrish in Iraq as I promised her I would. He will write her and they can continue to draw moto from each other.

    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    Christine would like evryone to know that she is enjoying boot camp. She hurt her ankle and had to be on crutches for three days and didn't like not being able to train. Other than that she is doing well and having a good experience.

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    i am happy to hear that Christine is enjoying bootcamp and let her know i said good luck

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    OORAH Recruit! Your making us proud Christine, remember pain is just weakness leaving the body.

    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    Go Christine!!!!

    Sent off a letter alraedy, will continue to write her


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