Why I became a Marine
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    Post Why I became a Marine

    When most people ask "Why did you join the Marines?" I usually tell them it's becuase I needed out of the house, or I wanted a challenge. Truth is, it's so much more than that. There's a feeling you get when some one who you've never seen before and don't know comes up to you with his family and thanks you for being a Marine, and doing the job that you do. When he says he's thankful for you, and that he knows his wife and children (who are standing right there with him) are safe at night knowing that Marines are standing watch over this country and it's people. I've tried to explain that feeling to my best friends, and even they don't understand and just look at you wierd for saying that. What other "job" would get you that recognition? I don't know of any other "job" where while even in civilian attire some one can pick out who you are and what you do. I don't think that any thing else could bring one group of people together as a family as the Marines do. So what do you tell a person when they ask you, "Why the Marines?" Well, I'll be telling them they won't understand untill they become one. Then, just then, will they truely understand why I became, and always will be one of the Few, the Proud, a United States Marine.

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    A quick answer for friends;

    "I wanted to travel First Class and wouldn't settle for second best."

    Semper Fi

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    Women!! They love the dress blues! So I had to have a set. Honor Pride Espirit de Corp were just added bonuses that I didn't see at first.

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    For the chicks

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    Great answer Top, I like that one.

    Semper Fi

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    <-------------<<< was drafted,but iffen you is gonna get drafted may as well be by the best........Sempers
    i did look good for a short ugly guy

    it dont mean nuthin

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    A Marine Captain in recruiting command was very kind to a 12 year old kid and sent me a passel of material.

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    Does John Wayne count? LOL.

    I didn't know a friggin' thing. All I knew was that the Marines were the best.

    If yer gonna do somethin', do the best ya know how, if ya don't know how, ya better find out pretty damn quick!

    Boot camp was a pretty damn quick way to learn....

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    To test myself, to prove something to myself, to fight, to stand apart from all others yet be on a team. And belive it or not to understand what a mentor of mine said to me one afternoon, and I have never forgotten: "Marines will teach you how to die" Fortunately have not tested that directive yet ! No particular rush on that either.

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    To be a part of the Best of the Best. To have respect just by being able to be a part of the team.... Im talking about the respect of people that aren't a part of the corps....

    Semper Fi!!!

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    Earle Comstock
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    I was dating this girl ,when she asked if I had any goals in life . I told her that I wanted to graduate high school then join the Marine Corp . She told me that she had a brother that went into the Navy , he couldn't hack it and dropped out . Then proceded to tell me that I shouldn't go in the Marines , because if her brother couldn't make it in the Navy , what made me think I could make it through the Marines . That was the day that I told myself I was going to be a Marine . Still to this day , she admires me for what I did . That makes me feel good about myself .

    One Proud Marine
    Semper Fi , Do Or Die
    Cpl Commie
    :rambo: Kill A Commie For Mommy :rambo:
    Be Good To Yourself And Respect Your Elders
    Death And Destruction Professionally , USMC

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    A person has few opportunities in life to do things right the first time. That second chance to leave a first impression doesn't happen.
    Take a good, hard, critical look around yourself, and about yourself.

    I know - that above and beyond everything else, and no matter what, that at the Corps of my being emulates everything that is a United States Marine.

    And, there is not another soul on this Earth that can remove that from me.

    Semper FI

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    Civilians Wonder

    Dang, people ask why we become Marines. Look at the answers. How could you not want to be a a part of a family, where it's mambers speak so highly of it? I don't know of anything that brings a group of people from around the country together, to band into one machine that at a moments notice will go any where, any time, and day. Just to say you are a part of that commradery is enough for me.


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    I think Earle, Barndog and Lthrneck_Allan as well as the others have all put this beautifully in one fashion or another. I hope too the youngsters on this site read these posts because I think these posts all respresent the very essense of what Marines are all about. We're disconnected geographiclly, in life styles and occupations today. Some have tasted combat some have not. Some of us are still active duty Marines and most of us are on temporary detached civilian duty of a few years to over 50 years duration--I like to think we're all just waiting to get recalled to active duty!

    But whatever our personal reasons for becoming Marines I think it shows that we all feel our sucess in paying our dues to EARN the Eagle Globe and Anchor remains as, perhaps, the single most significant achievement of our lives. It is why we can travel thousands of miles meet another Marine and have an instant sense of brotherhood and family. It shows too, I like to think, in the way we all live our lives today also, with pride, integrity and honor.


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    Originally posted by USMC-FO
    I like to think we're all just waiting to get recalled to active duty!
    Not as lean,
    Not as mean,
    but still a Marine!

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