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    This may be an out of the ordinary question- but- My last name is 11 letters long, ha ha- Now, are we talking about having the letters winding around my uniform, I meen, Ive seen uniforms on some people, and the name tag patch looks like its not really gonna fit 11 letters- am i going to be using only half of my name now? Wow, these responses should be VERY interesting haha

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    alphabet...your name in bootcamp will be alpahbet.

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    It'll be smaller font sewing.

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    recruit letters
    recruit alphabet
    recruit a-z

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    HA HA the name stamper isnt going to be big enough!!!!

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    I have a Corporal in my shop whose last name is 12 letters and it fits on his nametape! It is pretty scrunched but it still fits...

    You will be recruit alphabet! hehehe...

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    yeah my buddys name is brouesevangronou

    he said that when he first got to bootcamp they were taking role and they called out bros...broae.....b with 20 letters after! haha then hes nickname after that was b 20

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    In Vietnam my unit had two officers of Greek ancestry. No one even tried to pronounce their names - other officers included. One was Captain D+10, the other Captain A+10.

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    haha-wow-my last name is a Polish last name, Im not even going to say it, I doubt that many of you would come close to pronounicng it. Im guessing my name in boot will be something along the lines of " Recruit abcdefghi...arewethereyet?" haha

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    Just go to the courthouse and have your name changed to "smith" or "jones". You are going to have a drill instructor single you out on day 1 because of your name. Its inevitable, so get ready. Hey, on the brightside, you'll have a new nickname that will stick with you for the rest of the time in the Corps. Semper Fidelis

    Sgt. Norton

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