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    Aye Aye, Sir!

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    Aye Aye, Sir!

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    Aye Aye Sir

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    Aye Aye Sir

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    Aye Aye, Sir!

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    Sir, I apologize for being UA. My reason for being UA is that I was working and got off at 9:30PM.

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    AYE,AYE, Sir

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    Get on in here for chat lol Getting bored with so few people...

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    Quote Originally Posted by davblay View Post
    While this Thrsday's chat was my job and all, I have elected to discontinue it effective next thurstay (June 12, 2008)! The attendance had been down and it is next to impossible to get a host from the Poolees that are willing to give thier time to host the chat. Also It seems that poolees are more comfortable with the "sunday chat" more than they are the "Thursday chat".

    This will be a purely poolee function as I will be the only Marine on the site, of course if I have to leave I will have a substitute to fill in for me, but you will know who they are. We "NCOICs" will be there to keep you poolees on track and to keep you from turning it into myspace or text message! In other words we will be there to make sure you stay within the rules of the site! Marines will not answer any questions, hovever thay are invited to ask as many Corps questions as they wish, just to keep the group moving along and learning. They are not there as a source of individual answers, Keep it in a TEAM atmosphire so all will learn, OK?

    Chat room rules are simple for poolee chats:

    1) The host will ask questions

    2) The poolees/wannabees will answere them

    3) Any Marine that does choose to visit us may ask any Corps related
    question he wants and has presidence over the poolee host' question.
    4) Marines, active duty or Former, will use the "open forum" or the "Marines only" section for thier chats during Poolee chat.

    5) No Poolee or wannabe will go to the other rooms during chat then return, those rooms are for our "Marines" and "Marine Friends".

    6) No direspect to anyone will be tolorated during the chat time...NONE!

    7) Because of the Females in the room we will all refrain from colorful language, due to the Sexual Harrassment laws! Keep it civil!

    8) Official chat closes at 2300 EST, all school age participants must log off the site at that time!

    9) Professionism will be maintained during the entire chat, no joking etc!

    10) the poolees left "on the poolee chat room area" after 2300 can leave or stay that thier pleasure, it pretty much turns into a chat at that time!

    There are 10 rules for you to remember...only 10.

    I want to personally invite each and every poolee/wannabee to attend on Sunday evening and get a head start learning your Boot Camp Knowledge! This will be taught by a person that knows his/her stuff.

    The room is big enough for all that want to attend, so get your paper, pencil, glass. or can, of soda, popcorn, sandwich together, go to the head, scratch yourself, change cloths....whatever, but be ready to start poo;ee chat at 2100 EST, 2000 CST, 1900 MST and 1700 PST!

    Lets keep this Chat alive and everyone get in there and learn every Sunday!



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    Any poolee/wannabee that wants to get educated come into the chat room! Sunday Chat is in session now and there's plenty of room for any and all!

    Don't let me down guys, come on in!


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    Has Sunday chat been cancelled?

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    Unfortunatly for the past few weeks I have not been able to run the Sunday chat due to schooling commitments. Sunday chats will be back up and going next Sunday at the normal time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DGardner View Post
    Unfortunatly for the past few weeks I have not been able to run the Sunday chat due to schooling commitments. Sunday chats will be back up and going next Sunday at the normal time.

    Sir I would like to chat next Sunday but I'll be attending Mini Bootcamp at Camp Custer in Augusta, MI. So I'm not sure if I'll be back or not

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    Aye Aye Sir!

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    Damn Gardner you've got the Poolees calling you sir now, haha.

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