"cease Fire?"
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Thread: "cease Fire?"

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    "cease Fire?"

    People are forgetting on whom attacked whom!! These new casualities, would not have died if the Terrorists had not been in the area. I'm saddened as any "humane people would be" that these people lost their lives. If, these Terrorist's wouldn't have captured Isreal soldier's, wouldn't have continued to bomb Isreal, if the UN resolution 2 yrs ago would have been fullfilled, which was, TO DISARM/REMOVE HEZBULLIES, none of this would've happened. Everybody in the media, diplomat's, leader's of other Arab nations, and UN nations are asking Isreal to stop. If they stop?, WE AS AMERICAN'S ALSO LOSE, LET ALONE ISREAL. Syria, Iran, must be stopped. If you don't cut the snakes head off, it will not die. Agreement to a 24hr cease fire just allows these Hezbullie's to regroup, get resupplied, and maybe get bigger, longer rocket's to go into Isreal. Isreal is not to blame... Lebanon, the UN (a joke), Syria, Iran, all Arab nations, are to blame. This **** wouldn't have started if some "Muslim" leadership would take over and help instead of standing back, saying, "oh no, stop, we condemn the Terrorists." Why don't they do something? They are afraid of these pukes too? Muslim Christian's, different Muslim tribes in Lebanon have repeatedly asked for help. So where is the UN when they are asking them to get rid of these pukes. Sure, they are respected by a majority in Lebanon. They are the one's who are doing what the Gov't should've done. It reminds of me back in my day in Nam. Go thru a Village....."Oh GI #1"... VC Come in..... "O VC #1".."NVA Come in...."Oh NVA #1." These are people who have a very small education, if any, hardly any jobs, and it's like, if someone came up to you and said, "Here, if you'll help me, without questions asked, I will give you, 1mil. dollars." "If you say something, I'll kill you." They also brain wash or force "innocent" people, to be "human shields." It's fact not fiction, so much proof. If Isreal can't do it?, I'll bet we can!!" We are in a very "dangerous" situation. South America, that "NUT" allies himself to Cuba, and Iran. North Korea, China. Iran, Syria, to Russia...Every certain amount of gas we buy, helps Terrorists, has anyone thought of that? You cannot talk sense when Iran, Syria, these Hamas pukes, Hezbullies, make claim, that Isreal should not exist. And you can't talk with people who are "radical idiot's." We all should start praying for our own safety, as sleeper cells are world wide. What a mess.

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    What about America? Richard Armitage, who did four tours in Nam and knows a bit about war says that, in its ability to attack Western targets, al Qaeda is the B team, Hezbollah the A Team. If Bush bombs Iran, what prevents Hezbollah from launching retaliatory attacks inside the United States?


    Richard Armitage


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