Liberals….Oy Vey! A Little Humor For The Weekend
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    Talking Liberals….Oy Vey! A Little Humor For The Weekend

    Liberals….Oy Vey! A Little Humor For The Weekend
    July 27, 2006
    The Rogue Jew

    I'm leaving for New York on Saturday for five days and before I leave I thought that I would put something up on the blog to bring a smile to your faces.

    I guess I need somewhat of a break from the hate spewed daily by the Mainstream Media toward Israel and the Jewish People.

    I hope some of the people from my shul read this post and take a long look at themselves and consider the reality of the people (Democrats) they support except of course the great Joe Lieberman who is the only Democrat with Balls as far as I'm concerned.

    Have a great weekend, see ya when I get back from Liberal Land USA.

    How to tell if your a Liberal:

    You think Janet Reno is hot.

    You would rather see a cowboy smoke the baloney poney rather then a Marlboro.

    If you think the New York Times is fair and balanced, but Fox News is ultra right-wing…

    You think Al Gore won the election in 2000.

    If you think the Free Market is where they hand out Government cheese.

    If you would accept a car ride from Ted Kennedy.

    You look at Yassir Arafat as a "man of peace".

    If you think alcoholics are disabled and deserve Social Security (or should be elected to be the senior senator from Massachussettes)

    If your five year old tells YOU what to do.

    You cannot name one single NASCAR driver.

    You are worried what the French think of America.

    You think that consenting adults can engage freely in every activity except capitalism.

    If you think Sean Hannnity and Ann Coulter are mean spirited racists and promote hate crimes, but Maxine Waters, John Conyers and Louis Farakahn aren't and don't.

    If you think that the only acceptable hate crime is Christian bashing.

    You think we never gave peace a chance.

    Sean Penn makes sense to you. Awec Bawdwin makes even more sense.

    You want to outlaw cigarettes and legalize marijuana.

    If you use the words "xtians", neo-con's" or "wing-nuts" at least four times in any given day.

    You say Have a Great Winter Solstice, Happy Kwankza, Merry Ramadan and think saying Merry Christmas is just wrong.

    You think that the words "to promote the general welfare" in the Constitution mean to promote welfare generally.

    You believe that even though the top 20 percent of taxpayers pay 80 percent of income taxes, that the rich are not paying their "fair share."

    You think that Rush Limbaugh's listeners are mindless "dittoheads," but you have never doubted anything that you heard from Michael Moore….

    You believe that rich people should not be allowed to contribute so much money to candidates for office (except for George Soros)….

    You have no problem with Hollywood movie starts flying around in private jets to give speeches on the evils of SUVs….

    If you believe Islamic Terrorists are Freedom Fighters and the Israeli Army are Terrorists….

    You believe its ok to punch a Police officer just because your Black….

    You think the really alarming violence takes place outside the abortion clinic.

    You would save a deer but kill a baby.

    If you make snide remarks to guys for looking at women but champion Clinton's right to do whatever he wants with his interns.

    You called Vietnam Veterans "baby killers" but think that allowing a woman to suck her baby into a sink is a constitutionally protected right.

    You want to outlaw cigarrettes and legalize marijuana

    You believe the National Rifle Association helps criminals while the American Civil Liberties Union protects the innocent.

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    I got worried there for a moment. I almost couldn't come up with a nascar driver.

    It's allright though, I'm good.

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    Marine Free Member DWG's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    I had trouble with the NASCAR driver for a minute myself, and I gotta admit I prefer deer (and most four legged critters) to most children I've seen lately!

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    May 2006
    Luling (N.O.)

    There is a reason you made E-8. You are very seasoned and wise.
    There is a reason you are so happy; your wife Ellie.
    I am sad to inform you that your favorite duty station is not what it used to be. of Ruins.wm

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    Mike, I lived in Chalmette while stationed there, which no longer exists.

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    May 2006
    Luling (N.O.)

    You lived in what they say is, “THE parish”. The Mr.Go (Miss River Gulf Outlet) put an end to St. Bernhard Parish. It sent 25ft of seawater over most of the houses leaving 50 ft shrimp boats in peoples’ yards and seaweed on the rooftops. They lost over 90% of the housing, yet many are moving back. These are some of the toughest people that I know.

    Open the site Ruined City. If you know the city, this will rip you guts out. But notice the help, mostly MILITARY. We thank you. of Ruins.wmv

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