Disqualificatioon Before MEPS
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    Disqualificatioon Before MEPS

    Has anybody heard about people getting disqual. before even going to MEPS? My recruiter sent up my paperwork and he said they might officially Disqualify me from any armed service. What do they look at about me when Im not even there? Any response will help.

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    They'll look at some medical history, your background check, and anything else they can think to look at. If they are going to eliminate you anyway, it would save money by not sending you to MEPS. But, since your recruiter said it, he would be the only person to be able to answer it.

    I do have a question though. If you haven't been to MEPS, how are you a poolee/dep member?

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    I have been working with my recruiter for about 2 months and just turned 17. So Im going to meps Thursday. I just thought of my self as a poolee, thats what m yrecruiter calls me.

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    what did he say might DQ you?

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    something with my kidney.

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