"Run Coward Run"
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    "Run Coward Run"

    I just recently found out the father of someone I know was a Vietnam-era draft dodger. I'm shocked, appalled, and felt like throwing up when I heard this news.

    Anyways, I found a great poem written by a Marine who served in Vietnam which I thought was absolutely fantastic and wanted to share it with everyone on here:


    Deep within this Marine, the hatred I have for you has no cure,
    you ran and let My Country down, and that's for sure ....

    I lived in the jungle where day after day it was death, blood, sweat and tears,
    but you really didn't care about me in Vietnam, for you had no fears ....

    By day and night you'd protest, party, laugh and play,
    while back in Vietnam, "Tom's been killed" I'd hear them say ....

    As a Marine I stand Proud and Tall, from My Country, I'd never run,
    even though I know Vietnam is not a game, nor is it fun ....

    I made alot of friends in Vietnam .... Tom, Bill, Gunner and Joe,
    but to visit them now, to Arlington National Cemetary I must go ....

    One day I stood in silence overlooking the graves of all who died,
    they had served their country with Honor, Dignity and Pride ....

    I cried tears one rainy day in Vietnam until I couldn't see,
    trying to comfort my dying friend, he said to me, "bye Al, remember me" ....

    My close friend had died for his country with Pride, and without shame,
    while you went to Canada thinking this was all a game ....

    Never shall I consider forgiving you for running away,
    to me, your a coward and a disgrace to My Country is all I can say ....

    The hatred embedded within me toward cowards like you,
    will never be forgotten within me, no matter what you say or do ....

    America is My Country, and it's the freedom that I enjoy and love,
    and I will serve My Country again if push comes to shove ....

    To avoid the draft, you deserted My Country to do nothing but hide,
    while American Patriots fight in Vietnam, and many have died ....

    You treated me with great dis-respect and dis-honor when I came back,
    you smoked your weed, called me filthy names, and manners you did lack ....

    War is hell, and we realize that many good men will die,
    It breaks my heart to see parents of KIA's break down and cry ....

    You don't deserve the freedom that I fought to preserve, you ran to hide,
    so stay in Canada cowards, and permanently there reside ....

    This Marine shall NEVER forgive you for running, or forget it,
    without shame or guilt, upon your grave I shall spit ....


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    Draft dodgers.. buncha pussy-****s! Traitors...

    God Bless all the honorable military servicemen and women and Marines who served in the Jungles of Nam. God Bless..

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    it took more balls than you think to give up your country.

    to paraphrase John Prine......

    "i'd rather have names thrown at me than to fight for a thing that ain't right"

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    I know what you're saying, ivalis.

    But, in my humble opinion, if they were 'giving up their country' because it wasn't right to fight for, and they left this country in the dust in a time of war when they're country needed them, then they should stay out and not come flocking back when the dust cleared and their freedom was secured again for them.

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    J --speaks for me. they should never be welcome back.

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    I believe it does someone a great dishonor to run from the draft. If they wish to leave, so be it, but they should not be welcomed back. If one wishes to live in our country and take advantage of the freedoms offered to it's citizens I believe they should be willing to fight for them. That is just my two cents.

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    Ivalis, only cowards dishonor their country by running. If you wish to support cowards then go to Canada or where ever and support them.

    I enlisted to serve my country, wrong or right. No one or country is perfect, however this country is mine. I defended her honor, I did it honorably, and I will not molly coddle some coward who chose to turn his back on MY country and MY flag.

    The honor of being called a MARINE stands tall with me, almost as tall as the HONOR of my country and flag and they fall 2nd and 3rd after my God.

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    You got that right - I have an Uncle (that was only 18 at the time) that died in Vietnam. Even at 18 - he had more BALLS than this guy does AND he volunteered at 17 (he had to get my grandmother to sign for him). In some of his letters he wrote that he knew everybody over here wasn't crazy about the whole thing but he didn't care, he would do it all over again! AT 18! Now THAT'S a F'ING Marine for you!

    You should tell your friend to look at this:

    Tell him THIS is what a lot of people like me have dealt with since then and HIM and HIS SORRY A$$ DADDY shouldn't be telling the world that he dodged. Unless he wants to make some folks mad!

    And Ivalis - I can't BELIEVE that you're a Marine and saying something like that. Balls? To give up your country? My a$$! I don't even have a set and I would NEVER give up my country!

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    ivalis I'm confused on how you can say that. How does it take alot of balls to TURN YOUR BACK ON YOUR COUNTRY. No disrespect or anything but if you think that courage is to run away then you've gotta re-think everything a little bit. But yeah I agree with everyone else as far as keeping the door shut to draft dodgers...I say they should be able to earn back U.S. citizenship by serving as active duty for 2-4 years. That's about the only thing that would really pursuade me to let them all back in. If you don't like the country you live in then don't stay there. If you're not patriotic towards America then find a new place to go. I'm touchy about people constantly trash talking this country.

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    ivalis, I would rather do anything that fight for something that isn't right. But, fighting for the US will never be the wrong thing to do. It angers me that there people were not forced to pay the price for their actions. In order for them to live in the society they were too weak to defend, they should have turned several million big rocks into little ones.

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    Camper51 you are so right. Nobody could have said it better. I stand by you and togetfer we stand in front of our flag. S/F

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    I had more respect for the guy who sat in prison than the guy who ran to Canada. Most who post here are/were enlisted and not drafted. Ivalis, if that was your point I might understand somewhat?

    I had 3 brother-in-laws who served in Nam. My sister was an Army nurse near “China Beach”. She was there because her unit saw a lot of Marines. Her fiancé was a Marine chopper pilot who was shot down and killed. She patched one soldier up twice. He later became her husband,

    We all were affected. It was a bad political war that was not supported by our own government. It took Desert Storm (20 years later) to bring respect back to some of those brave men and women who served in that conflict.

    I know what you were taught in school was, “It takes guts to stand up for what you believe in”. These Marines are not bashing you for that. What school did no tell you was, “It doesn’t take anything to cut and run. If you want change, Stay and fight for it!”

    By giving this father, who ran to Canada, any credibility, you desiccate every name on that long black wall on Mall in D.C.

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    Major mistake! Ivalis, you were there. What gives?

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    Nothing on the profle,but your(his ) replies to some threads sound a little to the left of Mike Moore .Flag burning ok ,ect,ect. Now I know everyone is intitliled to thier oppinion (I"m Frigen sick of hearing that) But if you are going to throw out some thing so off the wall like --I respect Draft dodgers-into a forum like this I wish (Ivalis) you fill out your profile and tell us a little about yourself. Common buddy ,fill her up

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    How has ivalis got 558 posts and no one inclouding me has ever called him on that? HOW?

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