Hello , i didnt know this was here ??
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    Hello , i didnt know this was here ??

    allow me to introduce myself , my names Dawn , ( see )
    im 21 .. im about to get in , and shipped out as soon as i remove my tattoo .. i really want to go the Marines , ive been trying to go for alittle over a year now .. will if anybody would like to any thing else about me dont be scared to ask

    also i hope you all can help me though the rest of my journey of being a civilian and i hope i can help you out as will ..

    good night

    thanks .. jellybean

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    Why do you have to remove your tattoo?

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    fer one thing, it says "Go Navy" LMAO

    Tats aren't supposed to be seen when ya wearin any kind of uniform. Last I heard, turtle necks weren't a part of the normal unform.

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    Question Hey,Dawn Marie

    Jellybean from Texas...you don't sound like USMC material to me!!!:chinese:LtG

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    lol thanks Lock- n- Load .. SSGT Stevens gave me that name ,it has kinda stuck..
    Will sweetie get to know me first ..

    03 infantry .. its out of uniform its to high .. if it was 1 inch lower id be good to go ( quote .. SSGT STEVENS ) its a sun ...
    i was cleared a few months back but i was having problems with my math on the asvab so by the time i passed that that rule came in .. ive got bad luck .. lol ,
    its alright though im just gonna get it removed ..
    gotta go through some pain but its worth it ..

    Jellybean also known as destroyer or switch blade .. pick one

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    Post Tattoo policy being revised

    MCRC could be issuing a new tattoo policy soon. The current policy does not permit tattoos on the head or neck. Also, tattoos that are offensive (containing gang related markings, racial discriminating logos or words etc.) will not be allowed. Photos of the tattoos and their location should be submitted via the chain of command for review and determination of compliance with current policies.

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