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    Quote Originally Posted by PooleeGuy
    Jesus Christ religious people scare the crap outta me....if somebody dies in Iraq it was meant to be? What kind of god would make somebodys fate or purpose to die in Iraq?
    OK, did I miss something, somewhere here????
    Not sure to what you may be referring, sir ????

    God does NOT do bad things to us ! nor does he encourage them or *set them up* any more than our men in the USMC make bad guys be bad and start war !

    Chapter and verse (not opinion) please all who would disagree with that....
    As my Sergeant dh would say

    John 10:10
    10The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).

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    Marine Free Member sparkie's Avatar
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    The Kingdom of Nye
    Amen Sis :]

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    Pooleeguy...Whooo Boy, OK Kid, let me try and say this right. First, Marines do not MAKE national policy, we simply enforce it.
    Now then why would a loving God, let men lay down their lives in a far corner of the globe? Because ALL men desreve to live free, and some men must die to achieve that. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" -John 15:13.

    I have buried many Marines, and a lot of cops. Why did they die? To make sure that the rest of us sleep in peace. I have fought along side these men, they would, and have given their lives, for the rest of us.

    "Why would God allow this?" Maybe to show the rest of you, the sacrifice His son made for humanity.

    ALL men deserve to live free, SOME men must die for that. And I don't know one Marine or one cop, that would not willingly lay down their lives for the rest of us.

    And if you don't understand, that type of love, then you joined the wrong branch Kiddo.

    Las Vegas Metro PD

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    OK ...sparkie, rider... I am honored to be on the same page with you sirs ! are so is about choice...from the heart...


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    Vegas hugh Ironsides? Me too. Nice to meet a Christian Cop.

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    Sparkie...I never said I was Christian, I simply believe in what God commands...Hell, I feel closer to God out at my moms' ranch than I did in any church...

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    Now for those of you who don't know. My step-son, served in the Navy,for three years, running Special Boat Ops, in the Basra delta with the Brits. I thank God, every day, that he came back in one piece, and is now working a silver mine in Elko Nevada.

    He wan't a Marine, but damned if he wasn't afraid to go put his butt on the line for us here at home.

    Ain't that the definition of a hero?


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    Ok then Kid, what are you willing to die for? Would you lay down your life for me or my daughter? Are you willing to give you blood for the nation? Are you willing to put yourself between us and the people that would do us harm?

    You better answer those questions, before you even set foot on a parade ground.


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    Ok Kid, my name is Jim, kindly use it...thank you. Did we start this war? Oh Hell yeah we did,now waaaayyyy back when you were 14(?) Saddam was in violation of UN Resolution 1441. He blocked the UN weapons inspectors attempts at confirming his disarming. UN 1441 authorized the Coaltion to use armed force, not only to FIND any WMDS but also to DENY him the capability of creating more.

    Guess what Kid? Our forces have uncovered, and defused some 500 chemical weapons. Mostly Sarin, VX and Mustard gas. Granted they were old weapons, and if ya got a problem with that, lemme set one off in YOUR neighborhood.

    We also uncovered the mass graves of over 1.2 MILLION victims of his regiem.

    I'll agree with you, let my boys fight, or bring them home.

    Now then, you still haven't answered my question. Are you willing to give up your life for my daughter?

    I know Mari nes, cops and firefighters willing to die for you.

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    HOW DID THIS GO FROM A MOM'S QUESTION(S), TO A POLITICAL DEBATE? Lets take this somewhere else!


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    sooooo DID anyone hear what happened with this GUY ? Seems the media got realllly quiet

    P.S. Thanks VERY MUCH to ALL of you for serving !

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    "And yeah of course if you set off chemical weapons in my neighborhood it'd be bad, but the question is, could saddam have set those weapons off in my neighborhood? "

    Go to lower Manhattan and ask that question.

    Go ask, 180,000 Kurds if it was worth it?

    Go ask, the 35,000 at Gettysburg if it was worth it

    Go ask the 54,000 at Antietam if it was worth it

    Go ask the 6 MILLION Jews if they were worth 400,000 American lives.

    Go ask the Indiana State Trooper, who died last week, if his life was worth it.

    Kid, there a mutitude of Marines, soldiers,sailors,airmen, cops and firefighters,
    that go on patrol,stand their watch, and have your back.

    Now do you have the courgage it takes it have theirs?

    Hell, you won't give me your name.

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    Back to the original topic/question. I will tell you it's hard. Sometimes, It's hard to know who to trust. It's hard to tell who is bad and good. They do all look the same. I have not been to Iraq. I served in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War. I was in Afghanistan for most 2005. I always wondered if the same people that came on the base to work, to build our B-Huts, to build our chow halls, to build our PXs were the same people that were launching RPGs/mortars over the wire at night. Some of the people look so inocent, you can't imagine that they would do something like that and as it was mentioned it's a feeling. You don't feel that something or someone is right. I obviously don't know the feeling the young Marine face while they are on street patrols, conducting house-to-house searches, etc. Some of the day workers I faced gave me an uneasy feeling. They stood around and observed while others worked. They might try to say they are in charge of this particular work group. But what they were observing was the US service members. They observed who was coming and going. Some sneered or looked down at you when you passed by, it left a feeling that they thought they were better then you. It may have effected your pride. By no means do I believe that any man should look down in the presence of another, if we're all truly equal, but it was they way they looked at you. But was it a sneer, you don't know them, or their way of life. Is it pride in themselves? It could be pride in you? Sometimes, only your feelings can be the judge.

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    There is no distinguishing way of knowing who the enemy is when in Iraq. Most of the time when you get hit with an IED you never see who or where the enemy is. When you do get engaged it is normally by a sniper, so you dont see the enemy in that case either. The insurgency in Iraq very rarely engage in open battle with us. When they do it is normally during a complex ambush which is where we would be riding down the road on patrol and we would get hit with an IED, the firefight that follows is always very intense and very breif. They attack then they flee. I hope this doesn't worry you too much because all of these instances are rare, we are more likely to die of boredom than combat. Normally we would go for weeks or months without any type of enemy contact, then when we would be least expecting it the most is when it happens. This is what we are trained for, and we are the best at what we do. Believe me the insurgents have more to fear from your son, than he ever does from them.

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