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    Marines, there is a website called I am sure many of you have heard about these people that show up to the funeral of the fallen and protest. My point is that they list where and what times they will be protesting. I think everyone can understand where I am going with this, so if you happen to be in Flint, MI June 30th at the Swartz Funeral home on 1225 West Hill at 1515, there is a family of a Lance Corporal that would probably like to see you. They are in different states all the time, keep reading the updates and do what you think is right.

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    Just to note, they don't usually actually show up anymore. The Patriot Riders and groups like them seem to have scared them off. For the most part, these people just say they will be somewhere, but don't show up now. Of course, we can't quit responding. As soon as we do, they'll start showing up again.

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