Possible Surgery?
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    Possible Surgery?

    I just had a operation which removed a disk from my neck and was replaced with a bone from the hip. I get a full medical clearance Thursday. Now I talked to my SSgt, and he said the operation will not affect me enlisting, which if everything goes to plan I should be enlisting this July. Now my question is I have a second disk that has gone bad, but does not affect my everyday life. The doctor says I do not need surgery, but would MEPS disqualify me for having an unfixed medical problem, or would they just go with the doctor, saying do not worry about it? If anyone could write back I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


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    Its something you need to have thourghly checked into.I had discs 5-7 replaced with human cadaver and titanium plate/screws, what happens is it puts alot of strain on those disc's above and below. Doc's tolds me to not lift heavy objects anymore to which I ignored and was slinging 10-240 lbs pieces of steel pipe on my shoulder which caused nerve damage and screwed up those above and below. Not saying your gonna do the same thing but any strain on your neck,back,shoulders will jepordise the good ones.If they have to go back in and fix more on you, you'll end up with plate/screws like me. I never could get rid of the "Me Big, Me strong attitude" and I'm paying for it.

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    Good Luck with this!! And hope you get to join our band of brother and sisterhood. Stay strong and have faith. Semper Fidelis!!

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